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FreeCards for Halloween

How many times have you gone to a “Free Ecard” site, registered/signed in, chosen a card, personalized it and then you see you have to pay for it. Hello? My marketing savvy says that these sites used to be free because they wanted to attract you, have you see what other products they had available, […]

Win a Zooper Waltz: A Stroller for Every Lifestyle

There area lot of strollers out there. Some are superior than others. I often have friends and family ask me what my preference – and I can truthfully throw a few names out there for them to test-drive or look into. And some other strollers… I simply tell them to steer clear of or don’t […]

Restore Clothing and Active Wear

I’ve been thinking for a long time that I need to post about going to the gym as a woman and your individual style. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect anyone to get dolled up for going to the gym and reshaping your physique. But I noticed on a personal level that there is […]

David Archuleta Fans: Let’s Talk About Love Download at Build-A-Bear

There are a lot of American Idol fans out there. So without a doubt, I am sure you know who David Archuleta is – the runner up in American Idol Season 7. He ended up with 44% of the votes and now has tons of fans – the Archies and Arch Angels. Since the release […]

The Mom Behind the Buzz: Surgery Update

Sometimes I get so busy chatting about cool fun stuff, awesome products or fitness – that I forget about one thing vital to the Mom Buzz. Uhm… me. :chuckle: Actually, I don’t just forget to tell y’all – I forget to tell friends too. So not surprisingly, when I mentioned on 8.26 on Facebook that […]

Back to School with Attune Bars! (Review and 4 Give-Away)

I’ve chatted about probiotics before. They are the healthy bacteria that provide us with digestive and immunity benefits. It keeps us healthy and you most often find probiotics in yogurt. My kids and I love yogurt as a healthy snack! The only problem, it’s sometimes hard to take yogurt on the go when it has […]

The Mom Buff: 4 Week Progress Pictures

So I’ve been working out for 4 weeks now, keeping my Figure Competition Goal in mind. I have 13 more months to reach my goal! I am still happy with the progress I’m seeing. I am definitely not competition ready yet … but at this pace my husband thinks I’ll do just fine! The pic […]

Celebrate Chocolate Covered Cocoa Almonds

Not too long ago I had a chance to sample some Celebrate Chocolate Truffles. Not only were they completely, mouthwatering scrumptious! They also helped alleviate cravings, leaving me feeling fuller longer, complementing my diet! Well, if you are an Almond Lover, or maybe you know someone who is, you will totally be interested in the […]

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