Where Was the Mom Buzz? A Buzzy Week!

I have to say the Mom Buzz has had a buzzy week. Yes, things keep going live at the Mom Buzz. Thank goodness for planning! But, while posts were going up here ... this is what I was doing:

1. Attending IZEAFest to learn how to improve the Mom Buzz for social networking

2. Spent a week at my parents beach house. It's one of my favorite places...

3. Went to St. Augustine, enjoyed an Alligator Farm (more like a zoo... they don't kill gators) and LuLi's Cupcake Bakery

4. Had some Disney Mania, as I went to Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! (BTW, there is still time to go! It is da' bomb!)

I plan to write some detailed posts and share some photos ... I just wanted to let you know what was coming up once I can get organized!


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