There Once Was a Princess Named ... (My Princess Academy Review and Discount)

There once was a princess named Skyler. She wore tutus, danced and told her little cousins what to do. Her aunt doted on her, loving any opportunity to treat her like the princess she was - as did her parents and grandparents. But this aunt, from the Mom Buzz, knew where all the cool princess gear and training was ... at My Princess Academy.

At My Princess Academy you will find two things. First there is a virtual world where girls can learn to be a princess through princess classes, games, activities and befriending other princesses-in-training. When you purchase products through My Princess Academy you will receive an instant code to unlock new levels and games on the site. And the purpose of the site is to promote generosity, intelligence, beauty and confidence. After all, at My Princess Academy, Girls Rule!

Next is the shop, where you can purchase princess must-haves, which have all gone through safety testing. And all of their products are Phthalate free. That's important to us as parents (or aunts or grandmothers). The girls though - they just want to know about the glittery, punk, fun stuff! I love the 2009 Product Catalog I saw for those items. There were skirt and wing sets for fairies and pixies. There were empire and sequin princess dresses to help your little one rule. There were fancy pettiskirts in purples and pinks, accented in blue or purple, to twirl about in. And of course there were accessories ... wands, boas, crowns, shoes, lip gloss and tiaras... to complement any of the clothes.

We received the Fancy Pettiskirt in Pink, accented in Purple. Now, sometimes dress-up clothes can be a little ... cheesy. Not this pettiskirt, though! I loved how FULL the pettiskirt was, just like a boutique would offer. It had a gathered satin elastic wasitband to allow it to fit almost any size. I tried it on everyone I could to prove it and it fit the kids from ages 2 to 4. The boutique-style pettiskirt arrived on a hanger that was labeled with Patience. It tells you and your child that patience is the ability to wait your turn or work through a challenge. And Princesses should try to be patient with themselves and other people and things around them. What super advice! There was also a tag on the pettiskirt with an explanation of the Princess Virtue of Generosity.

Here is a video to give you an idea of how fluffy the pettiskirt is - and you get my opinion on princess dresses too!

I also LOVE the tees that they have at They have such cute saying on them, like "I Rule!" or "This is How I Roll" with a picture of a horse drawn carriage, as well as "Check out My Sweet Ride" with a pegasus. These princess tees would look awesome paired with the pettiskirt and some tights underneath.

Overall, this is a top buzz pick for any little princess. Sizing can range from 3 to 8. Cost ranges from $6 to $32 for an individual dress-up item. You can save when you purchase a "complete look" like the "Sporty Princess".And of course, you need to check out some of the unique "room decor" they have.

HOLIDAY PICK: When I was buzzing around My Princess Academy I saw the cutest Princess Canopy. It hangs from the ceiling creating a nook for your little princess. It can accomodate 9 feet high ceilings! It costs $129 - but maybe Santa can fit it in his sleigh?


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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!