Sookie Stackhouse: A Touch of Dead

On October 6th, A Touch of Dead will be available to purchase in bookstores! My sister is anxiously awaiting her copy to read! Why? Because the five short stories in this book will reveal missing pieces and give you a more in-depth look into Sookie's world!

Yesterday I posted a review on the other novels in the Sookie Stackhouse series. They are humorous, sexy and intense. What I liked about the short stories in A Touch of Dead is that since they are just snippets of her life, they offer an overall "lighter" read.

I don't want to reveal too much, otherwise why would you read it? Oh - that's right - because we are addicted to author Charlaine Harris' storytelling. Still, I don't want to spoil the fun and mystery. But here is what I can tell you.

These are the short stories and where they fit in the Sookie Universe.

Fairy Dust: This short story would take place after Dead to the World. It talks about the fairy triplets and Sookie's part in solving the mystery with psychic ability and powers of deduction. I love Claudine in this one - she really has some "bite" to her personality!

Dracula Night: This story takes place before Dead as a Doornail. Eric is beyond excited as he prepares for the possibility that the real Dracula might come into his bar to celebrate his "birthday". What I love about this story is Eric's boy-like excitement, almost like it was Christmas morning for him!

One Word Answer: This story takes place after Dead as a Doornail. Hadley, Sookie's cousin, has died and Sookie is led into the reason why thanks to the half-demon lawyer Mr. Cataliades. What do I like about this story. Well - El... Bubba is in it. And I really do like Mr. Cataliades character too. And it was interesting to see Sookie's thoughts unfold as she listens to Mr. Cataliades as he answers her questions.

Lucky: Lucky takes place after All Together Dead. Amelia the witch is rooming with Sookie at this time. I do love Amelia! If I could be any character in the Sookie world, it would be Amelia. She is open, funny, boisterous ... there is almost no dark side to her. So that makes the story just ... funny... as she helps Sookie and Sookie's insurance agent to find out who is breaking into his office at night.

Gift Wrap: This takes place before Dead and Gone. I think this is my favorite of the five stories! There is definitely a twisted Christmas for Sookie as she receives a special "gift". Of course, the supernaturals all play a part in what she thought was going to be a lonely holiday.

If you read all the other books in the series - you will want this one to fill in the gaps! And even if you looking for some fun reading during the holidays - Halloween, maybe? - you will definitely enjoy these short stories that involve all of the usual Sookie Stackhouse characteristics - action, mystery, horror and romance.

A Touch of Dead is $23.95 in hardcover and on sale October 6th.

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