The Mom Buff: The Butt Book

One reason I started my mission to compete in a Figure Contest was simply because I wanted to improve my "glutes". Okay, let's be honest - I want slimmer thighs and a better butt. I work at it at the gym with exercises my "personal trainer" suggests. Not everyone has a personal trainer ... but everyone has access to a cute, simple book by David Kirsch that is all about  improving your ass...ets.

Honestly, David Kirsch is known as the Master of the Ass and he's been sculpting butts for 20s years. He's worked with Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, Naomi Capbell ... and loads of other gorgeous women. He claims he can make a butt higher, rounder, tighter, smaller, larger ... perfect ... with some simple exercises in his Butt Book. I had my personal trainer review the book first to ensure it was safe and accurate - and he said yes!

The book is absolutely easy to follow, thanks to illustrations by Steve Wacksman. It's cute and easy to follow, with a mixture of exercises. Some are well-known like squats and lunges. Others might be a little new to you ... but still fun ... like the platypus walk and crab crawls. Plus, there are also some simple stretches, cardio tips, nutrition tips and a meal plan.

This book is around 80 pages long, published by and costs only $12.95. It is small and "soft-covered" - so it would be a wonderful stocking stuffer for the holidays. But you don't need to wait that long - you can always order it yourself now ... no more ifs, ands ... or butts!

BUZZWORTHY: David is famous for getting Heidi Klum from baby weight to runway-ready in 3 weeks for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2005, just eight weeks after birthing her child.  (The show was recorded November 9 and Kirsch arrived in LA to train Klum on October 13.)

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