Mineral Make-up

For the past few years I’ve definitely heard a buzz about mineral make-up. What do we know about it? Better for the skin? More uniform? Powder? More natural? Well, at least that was what I thought when I heard that Avon had a smooth mineral make-up line. And guess what … I was right! Well – mostly right – it’s not all powders. But their Smooth Minerals Collection is specially formulated for all skin types – from normal to sensitive and everything in between. They say that their mineral based ingredients let your skin’s natural beauty shine through, since it gives you a smooth skin texture, even color and gorgeous glow.

The first time I tried a few items from their Smooth Minerals collection, I had paired it with Avon’s tribal teal collection (eyeliner and eye shadow quad). When I finished up and was ready to attend a wedding as a photographer – sans husband – my hubby couldn’t stop complimenting me. Honestly, I was a little insulted! Ha! I told him not to get used to it, but I guess there is no harm in a little beauty routine before our Sushi dates! I admit I got in the habit of throwing on jeans, a tee and a quick touch of lipstick.

The great thing is, even if your make-up routine is that simple – just lipstick and run – you can still take advantage of their creamy, lightweight mineral lipstick. It goes on smooth as the anti-oxidant and vitamin-enriched lipstick keeps lips soft and moisturized. Better yet, the lipstick is free of talc, dyes, fragrance and preservatives. There are FOURTEEN colors to choose from right now, with delicious names like Chocolate Kiss and Rumberry. Pink Quartz and Crystal Coral look especially “in” right now. (Bright colors are the latest craze, say my magazines.)

I was given three lipsticks as a gift though – and I loved the colors. Malted Mineral is almost a nude lipstick. It keeps my lips fresh, yet muted, allowing dramatic eyes to shine through when I am out. Pinkberry is youthful, great for just carrying in my purse and putting on to “freshen” my appearance – whether at a play date, pediatrician visit or just picking up a Starbucks. Finally, I received Plum Craze. That is my “mature” lipstick. If I don’t go all out on the eyes, yet I still want to make a statement, the Plum Craze lets my lips get noticed. (and if you are wondering, I am wearing Pinkberry right now. LOVE IT!)

Even though I am loving the tribal teal fall colors for my eyes, there are eye shadows and liners that you might like from the Smooth Minerals line. I am usually super hesitant of pencil liners. They tend not to sharpen well and catch on my lip. Ouch! But after having success with the eyeliner with smudge brush from the fall 2009 Avon color line, I figured that the eyeliner from Smooth Minerals has to be just as good … maybe better. They said the minerals allow it to glide on … and it does. Silky smooth lines that last throughout the day into the night. It comes in 4 colors – Earth, Indigo, Iris and Onyx. The Onyx that I tried is SO BLACK. BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK. Can we say dramatic? Whoa… it puts all other black liners to SHAME. The Indigo looks really hot, though, if you want a splash of color.

Okay – let’s talk powders. Their blush, foundation and eye shadows are all powders. They are loose, blendable and have a natural finish. I never really used a powder foundation before, but the medium beige I tried was pretty good. It seemed a little dark for my skin. I am a light olive color – usually not tanned. Pure Beige probably would have been a better fit. But the coverage was even and it removed all shine. And it was a good base to apply the blush on. And just so you know, there are 12 foundation colors to choose from. And the medium beige I tried was great and stayed put when I was photographing that HOT HOT HOT sweaty wedding.

There are eight shades of blush in the Smooth Minerals line. I love the sifter, which is deep and not too many holes. This keeps you from applying too much – and you don’t waste it either! I tried copper glow, which was a nice start. I really think their rose and blushing mauve look fresh and youthful. I haven’t tried them myself, but based on the photos I’ve seen they look like they would be a hit on almost any skin tone.

Finally – let’s get back to the eyes. They are one of my favorite things to “make-up”. So many ways to play and color your lids to create different looks. There are 10 eyeshadow colors to choose from, whether you are looking for subdued (rose quartz) to eye-popping-and-locking (enchanted lilac or pink sapphire). I was thrilled when I was peeking at the colors in my package and saw Enchanted Lilac (pop pop pop) … and also a deep russet rock. I thought the Russet Rock went perfect with the dark Onyx eyeliner. It was very mature and would be great for working mamas. The Enchanted Lilac was youthful, shedding like 10 years off me (I wish). But honestly, it made me feel energetic and I can’t wait to go out for some Sushi with my husband wearing this shade. It just says FUN FUN FUN!

Overall, I am REALLY enjoying the Avon line. I am so happy that I received the make-up as a gift to try. And in the end, I just had to share with everyone else. Why? Well – not only are the colors GORGEOUS and the make-up FLAWLESS. But it is AFFORDABLE. The lipstick? $8. Eyeliner? $6. Foundation? $11. Blush – okay … I admit it seems pricey for blush. I am so dang economical – but I do love the colors and you saved so much on the other items … the blush is $10. Honestly, not bad. Just not cheap. And when you talk about skin – you don’t want to cheap – do you? And the loose powder eye shadow is $9.

And better yet, ever since I started buzzing Avon – lots of readers have approached me telling me they sell it. If you sell it … let me know and tell me your #1 pick from your line-up! I would love to share with my readers! Or do you already have a rep you buy from? Let me know what your favorite pick from them is?

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