Invite Sookie Over for Halloween: Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris (Review & Give-Away)

My sister and I have the same taste in books. But when she told me I had to read a series of books about a telepathic waitress who solves mysteries that envelop her in a world of vampires and other supernatural beings, I had to start wondering about her. But, since she is older and wiser - (right?)- I decided to take her word for it, visit the local bookstore, and picked up the first 3 books in the series, the Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris:
  • Dead Until Dark
  • Living Dead in Dallas
  • Club Dead
I finished those books, approximately 300 pages each, in three days. Without a doubt, I was hooked. And whenever someone my age (in my thirties here) starts talking about the Twilight series - you know the stories I am sure, with Edward, Jacob and Bella - I tell them they have to put down the kiddie books and pick up a novel for adults! Honestly, I much prefer following the story line of a 20-something year old telepathic waitress and her ties, whether they be romantic, friendships or simply tolerance, with the other characters in the book. Reading Twilight just makes my mind twist as Bella contemplates ending her human, high school life to be with a vampire boy. No-No-No!

In the Sookie Stackhouse novels, the star of the novels is obviously Sookie. She has a talent for reading people's minds, but at times it can be more of a curse. I mean, imagine dating when you are telepathic! You know every thought on your date's mind! Awful! So while she tries not to date - or freak out her friends - with her ability, there is something else peculiar going on. You see, synthetic blood was invented, so the seclusive vampire community came out of hiding since they no longer have to hunt humans and could drink the synthetic blood instead - like True Blood. (If that sounds familiar, that's because there is an HBO series called True Blood based off of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.)

Within minutes of seeing her first vampire, as it enters the bar that she works at, she realizes she has to save his life from people trying to steal his blood. From there, a romance blooms and she enters a world that most people can't fathom. There are other "supes", from shapeshifters to werewoves and witches to fairies. Sookie gets a better idea of why she is "special", and most supes accept her on some level because of her ability. But you see, it just seems like the little town Sookie lives in is a haven for trouble, often related to the supernatural. So Sookie used her telepathic abilities to help her human friends and the vampires through some heavy mysteries.

And of course, there is romance. The people who watch True Blood often love her boyfriend Bill. In fact, Anna Paquin is engaged in real life to her co-star Stephen Moyer. But, my sister and I are on "team Eric", thanks to reading the novels. Bill is so dull and not half as passionate as Eric! And honestly, while the Twilight fans are arguing over whether Bella should be with Edward or Jacob. They are all teenagers, people! It is so much more interesting to argue about whether Sookie should be with a vampire, shapeshifter, werewolf, werepanther or weretiger. Choices, choices, choices.

So here is a lowdown on the nine books I have read thus far.

Dead Until Dark: This is the introduction into Sookie's telepathic talent and the vampires that are emerging. There is a mystery for Sookie to solve, as women who are involved with vampires begin to die. And there is definitely some romance between Sookie, the vampire Bill and someone else who has taken a liking to our Sookie!

Living Dead in Dallas: Sookie has yet another mystery to solve as a coworker is murdered. Plus, when vampires save her life, she has to return the favor by using her telepathic skills to help solve a mystery for the vampires, as well.

Club Dead: Vampire Bill is acting distant ... both emotionally and physically. So his boss Eric sends Sookie to a Vampire Bar in another state to help solve a mystery that revolves around Bill and what he is up to - and what he is up to is betrayal! Thankfully, Sookie is able to count on another hot "supe" to get through this mystery!

Dead to the World: This book is for all the people that love Eric. You see, Sookie finds him naked running along side the road. But although mystery starts there, it sure doesn't end. That's because Eric has amnesia! And the only one who can protect him from the deviants that cursed him is Sookie. Of course, she puts herself in the path of a lot of danger, hiding Eric. But she enjoys his company, as well, since he's still just as hot, but a helluva lot sweeter when he can't remember how he used to act.

Dead as a Doornail: A sniper is killing supes in the area! With so many "friends and family" in danger, Sookie knows she has to put a stop to this before too many supes die!

Definitely Dead: This is a fun book, as you get to  meet some interesting characters - including witches and a closer look at a were tiger! Since Sookie is no longer with Bill, she starts working on a project with Were Tiger Quinn, which has the downfalls of some business with vampires ... and the perks of dating a were tiger! So what's the mystery? Well, Sookie's cousin Hadley, a vampire, has been murdered, and Sookie goes to New Orleans to uncover the mystery surrounding the death and the Vampire Queen.

All Together Dead: Sookie is all business here, as she is working for the Vampire Queen at a vampire summit! She is being used to sense when lies are afoot, to help her defend the Queen during her trial of the death of her husband. Crazy, but fun, as Sookie works with another telepathic to solve mysteries and murder that surround the summit.

From Dead to Worse: A lot is going on in this book. The short of it is that Hurricane Katrina (which happened before All Together Dead) already ravaged and hurt the territory that the Louisiana vampires held. But after the bombing and the death of even more high-level vampires, some other vamps have decided that Louisiana is up for grabs. So there is fighting, witchcraft and mystery - meanwhile Sookie learns a little more about why she has the gift that has helped her enter the dangerous supernatural world.

Dead and Gone: This is the last book I have read so far. It's probably one of the more gruesome ones. Where fairies live - let's just say it's not such a nice place. And since Sookie has ties with the secretive faes - they want her out of the way. Meanwhile, a young werepanther was murdered behind the bar where Sookie works. So trying to solve that murder, while simultaneously trying to avoid being killed by fairies leaves, plus she still has to deal with the very posessive Eric ... makes for a very busy, fun book that is hard to put down!

And available on October 6th is her new novel, A Touch of Dead. A Touch of Dead is every short story ever written about Sookie Stackhouse,  all together in one volume!

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