Halloween Carols: Review & Give-Away

A few days ago I received two Halloween CDs - A Broom with a View and Vampire Empire from the Halloween Carols. These CDs are performed and sung by Kristen Lawrence. Unlike other Halloween CDs, you won't hear The Monster Mash or Time Warp on these CDs. Nor is it a CD full of creepy sounds, monsters wailing, ghosts, booing, screams, cackles and more. This one is MUSIC.

You see, just like there are Christmas Carols for Christmas, Kristen has written and performed historically-based Halloween music for this spooky holiday. Kristen has written approximately 60 songs and is releasing them in batches of ... thirteen, of course! In fact, as my husband and I were listening to Vampire Empire and he realized we were on track 12 - he asked how many songs there were. I told him I bet they all have 13. I was right. Mwa-ha-ha!

My husband loved the music - he is going to bring it to his office to play there. The music is eerie - but not "corny" or trite. You definitely get a "Halloween" feel when you listen to the organ and melody. There are some recognizable "Halloween" sounds that accompany some of the songs - most noticeable to me was a cat that was meowing. Amazing how a cat can really add to the music!

And what songs can you expect on the CD? Here is what you can expect:

A Broom With a View
1. Mostly Ghostly - Entrance Music (2:20) - A ghost bemoans the lack of physical brains, wailing with a massive pipe organ.
2. A Broom with a View (5:16) - A witch is out on a joy ride on her broom. Organ, piano and strings set this music ablaze.
3. Souling Song - All Hallows Version (7:56) - Traditional English melody and lyrics about the practice of souling - offering prayers for people's beloved departed in exchange for soul cakes. Cathedral bells and organ ring out.
4. Souling Song - Sohmain Version (7:10) - This song describes the ancient Celtic celebration of Sahmain, where the dead visit the earth, accept food offerings and share their magic. Drums, organs, electric guitar, bass and voices dance together.
5. Dark Glass (5:42) - Written based on a dream Kristen had - windy sounds and distant voices are set against an organ and strings.
6. Cats in the Catacombs (4:19) - A xylophone-bone-clicking romp with organ, piano and a feline-esque cello.
7. Sleeping Dust ("The Death Lullaby") - Ashes to Ashes Version (5:58) - A lullaby about death, with an organ, piano, celesta and humming.
8. Flappy Bat (5:10) - A carol's vocal duet and patterns in the strings sound like the flapping wings of bats.
9. Vampire Empire (6:07) - A vampire invites a mortal to become undead, along with a majestic organ, harpsichord and heartbeat-like drums.
10. A Broom with a View - Instrumental Version (4:19)
11. Cats in the Catacombs - Instrumental Version (6:02)
12. Vampire Empire - Instrumental Version (6:02)
13. Mostly Ghostly - Exit Music (2:20)

Vampire Empire
1. Vampire Empire - radio edit (3:58)
2. Souling Song - Sahmain Version - radio edit (4:38)
3. A Broom with a View - radio edit (3:54)
4. Cats in the Catacombs - radio edit (3:50)
5. Blood Waltz - radio edit (3:59)
6. Arachnitect - radio edit (4:38)
7. Ghost of John - bare bones version (4:40)
8. Vampire Empire - instrumental version (6:06)
9. A Broom with a View - instrumental version (5:16)
10. Cats in the Catacombs - instrumental version (4:20)
11. Blood Waltz - instrumental version (5:07)
12. Dark Glass - instrumental version (5:41)
13. Mostly Ghostly - exit music (2:18)

BUZZWORTHY: Want to try before you buy? Check out some free musical treats on Kristen's website!

Here is the Blood Waltz by Kristen Lawrence, so you can have a taste!

You can buy A Broom with a View as a CD or the album as an MP3 Download. The CD is $13.95. The MP3 Album is $11.95.

Overall, I love it and look forward to playing it every October!

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