Earth Footwear Review and Giveaway

whiteskyblueleatherPersonal Fit Coach is pleased to announce a wonderful giveaway for our readers. Win a pair of Earth Footwear Ambition walking shoes.

Ambition Product Description:
Rise to the next level in this supportive walking shoe that gives you an extra push. The whole-body benefits of walking on an inclined treadmill packed into an ultra-comfortable style. Leather and mesh uppers deliver the right blend of breathability and durability. Available for both men and women.

Earth Footwear shoes primary benefits relate to fitness. Earth’s wellness benefits are the result of a proprietary design known as Kalso® Negative Heel Technology®. Found in all Earth footwear, the slight incline from heel-to-toe sets the wearer’s toes at a 3.7° angle relative to their heels. This technology actively engages and recruits muscles throughout the body, and has an overall strengthening and toning effect. As illustrated through clinical research, Earth wearers can increase lean body mass, increase overall body efficiency, and effectively burn more calories with every step.

Shoes that create an incline within the shoe seem to be all the rage right now. I’ve tried on a few brands at various retail outlets. For me, the most comfortable shoes are by far my new Earth Footwear walking shoes. I received the Ambition shoe for review and I cannot rave about them enough. I typically find that it takes a period of time to “break in” new shoes. My Ambition shoes were comfortable from the moment I put them on.

Inside all Earth footwear, a form-fitting footbed provides exceptional comfort with BioFoam™ cushioning. The proprietary material molds to the shape of the foot, displacing and absorbing shock with each step, and is environmentally-considerate, using 70% recycled content.

In addition to walking (and constantly raving about my shoes to my walking group) I love my Ambition shoes for cardio and plyometric work as well. The extra cushioning under the ball of my foot is a dream for higher impact work. The company does not promote the shoe in this way, but I certainly found it as an added bonus.

Another great thing about Earth Footwear as a company is that their shoes are stylish, and quite affordable for the level of quality of their shoes. They also have a ton of style to choose from like boots, sandals, flip flops and more. All provide the Kalso® Negative Heel Technology® so even the most fashionable styles provide the added fitness benefit.

Earth Footwear also has a nice line of accessories like t-shirts, pants, belts, and more. In addition Earth offers an array of health and beauty items like body lotion, shower gel, natural oils, and home cleansers.

Earth Footwear is certainly providing quality products to improve our lives. I can’t wait for one of our readers to win a pair and let us know what they think. Have any experiences with Earth Footwear products? Let us know.

Stop by to enter. Contest ends 10/31.

In addition, Earth Footwear is hosting a giveaway where you can win 3 pairs of shoes from their new Fall line. Stop by their web site for more information.

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