Zhu Zhu Pets Party!

What a fun playdate I had today! Four moms and their 8 kids joined me and my brood for a Zhu Zhu Party Playdate! I had the opportunity to throw this party to introduce people to these little intertactive hamsters that run through a habitrail - just like real hamsters. The perks are they are less messy and don't eat or poop! They just run on batteries!

Since I had quite a crowd, I had the party at my mom's house. As the other moms came over they helped me set up different parts of the habitrail. But the FUN part for the kids was choosing the hamsters and letting them RUN! It was like a pet store exploded as every where I looked a little furry body was on the move - followed by a toddler or preschooler! And what's cool is that each Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster has its own unique personality and whimsical sounds! I hear cows, pig noises and other barn animals coming from my son's hamster!

Loving Mode:
Pet them, love them, hear them squeak and chatter

Explore Mode:
Let them scoot, scamper, bump & boogie across the floor or through their Hamster Habitat

My friends were laughing at some of the accessories you could get these furballs - like clothes! And I think we all were amazed at the hamster variety... and their names. And the habitrail you can build is AMAZING. There are just so many parts that you can make it grow- and grow - and grow! There are normal hamster things - like wheels and balls. Then there are also surf boards, cars and other crazy accessories!

Overall, I think we were all entertained by our kids and their new easy-to-care-for buddies.You can find these at Target, Walmart and Amazon!

Aren't convinced yet? Check out this video!


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