YooHoo & Friends

I don't know who can resist YooHoo & Friends. I first spotted them at a shop on the beach. As my husband was on the search for a bathing suit, my kids beelined for a shelf with these big-eyed, oh-so-soft plush toys in various adorable colors and shapes. They appeal to you like a puppy dog would with it's big round eyes. Plus, when you squeeze them they make cute little noises. Not too loud - not annoying - just sweet and cute.

They have long soft tails, which add to their appeal, since my kids can then drag the poor critters around the house. But, they are dragged with "Love". Because they are usually dragged to a papasson chair, where they then cuddle and fall asleep with their new friends.

There are SO MANY YooHoo & Friends to choose from. When I was trying to decide on a favorite, I kept wavering between the Golden Lion Tamarin, Red Fox, and Capuchin. But there are more than TWENTY OTHERS to choose from! Including two 5" Halloween YooHoos. And if you have Christmas on the brain - and yes ... I have already started shipping - some Winter YooHoos will be cute in the stocking.

The YooHoos that ended up living with us were the Golden Lion Tamarin and an original YooHoo with a purple tail. Just so you know, their long tails add another ELEVEN INCHES on their 8 inch bodies! Wow!

And here is something this ol' mom learned. YooHoo & Friends life in a virtual world featuring characters based on real animals in their natural habitat, some of which are endangered species. Children can learn about the animals through an interactive website (www.yoohoofriends.com) that features fun games and some animations. I bet a lot of little kids will love it! And I naively thought they were just cute little toys. :smile:

YooHoos range in size from 5" to 8" - not counting the insanely long tail. They range in price from $7 to $13. It's a great price for such an adorable critter. You can get a good luck at ours in this video:

Where can you buy YooHoo & Friends from? Well, one place to go for cute, plush animals and toys is Aurora Plush Toys. For me to even TRY and list everything they have would be insane. But Aurora Plush Toys is where you HAVE to go for giant stuffed bears that would fill an entire couch, like Brutus, or a tall 30" giraffe, or maybe some dinosaur plush toys. Honestly, the selection rocks. They even have licensed characters, like those from Pearls before Swine.

My conclusion - Aurora Plush Toys are completely BUZZWORTHY!

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you Aurora Plush Toys for the YooHoo & Friends. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!