Win a Zooper Waltz: A Stroller for Every Lifestyle

There area lot of strollers out there. Some are superior than others. I often have friends and family ask me what my preference - and I can truthfully throw a few names out there for them to test-drive or look into. And some other strollers... I simply tell them to steer clear of or don't follow the hype.

One stroller I am loving is the Zooper Waltz. It has lots of features that moms on the go need.

1. Lightweight: It has a lightweight aluminum frame. The stroller is only 17 pounds.

2. Folds Flat: Extremely valuable when you don't have a massive SUV or minivan. I own a car, so space is limited. If I have a bulky stroller in the back, it means I have to stick bags and shopping purchases around the children. I want room in my car! So folding flat just rocks.
3. One hand steering: Whether I am pushing a double stroller or a single stroller, it always seems like I end up steering one-handed. Often because someone wants to be held on my hip - or I am holding a hand as I cross the street. But the Zooper Waltz is like a dance partner - moving instep with you. It's almost intuitive.

4. Four position, reclining backrest: With my first son, I seldom used the infant seat in the beginning. I would lay him flat in a fully reclining stroller seat and let him relax and sleep that way. So, the fully reclining backrest is perfect for infants or napping toddlers.Although, it does include a stroller strap to allow you to use the stroller with almost any USA infant carseat. Options - gotta love it.

5. Rotating canopy: The canopy rotates fully to the front, to block sunlight from any angle from your child's sensitive eyes stains.

6. Free-standing when folded: I hate when I fold a stroller and then it lays flat? It gets dirtier that way and takes up SO MUCH ROOM. But the Zooper Waltz will stand up on its wheels when folded!

7. Adjustable Leg Rest: For the comfort of your child, you can adjust the leg rest.

Other Features At-a-Glance
  • Quick release front wheels with one touch auto swivel lock
  • One-step rear link brake
  • Extra-strong die cast front wheel housings
  • Extra-strong die cast front latch frame lock
  • Carry handle
  • Napper canopy with sun visor, viewing windows and storage pocket
  • Zip-off hot weather ventilation canopy panel
  • Easy access basket
  • Front and rear wheel suspension
  • Removable front bumper bar
  • 5-point adjustable safety harness
  • Reflective Safety Piping
  • Auto Frame Lock
You can choose from six colors when purchasing a Zooper Waltz.
  • Red
  • Coconut (White)
  • Plum (Purple)
  • Blueberry (Blue)
  • Olive (Green)
  • Black
My favorite color for the Waltz Zooper is the gorgeous red!

You can use this stroller from infant to preschooler! Here are the pecs, something I always look for when I am researching a stroller to ensure it fits with my lifestyle .. and in my car.
  • Weight Limit: 55 Pounds
  • Stroller Weight: 17 lbs
  • Handle Height: 40" (not adjustable)
  • Folded Dimensions: 40 L / 21 W / 14 H"
  • Backrest Height: 17"
  • Seat Recline: 4 position full recline
  • Wheels: 6" Front/ 7" Rear/ EVA Tires
  • Seat Width: 13"
Unlike other strollers, where you have to pay extra for accessories - like a cupholder - it's all included on the Zooper Waltz. When you purchase this stroller, you will also receive:
  • Cup Holder
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Rain Cover
  • Sun Shade
  • Infant Carrier Security Strap
  • Snack Tray
See how easy it is to fold, open and work the various accessories.

Overall, I think the Zooper Waltz provides a smooth ride for my little one. It's a light stroller that can easily be left in the car as needed, since it doesn't take up too much room. And when you do store it in your house, it will be barely noticeable since it does not take up too much storage room since it can stand upright.

I love how it reclines all the way back, so my toddler can take a nap as needed. Plus, I love all of the included accessories!

This is a great stroller that works with most infant carseats, so don't fall into the trap of buying anything bulkier!

And if you are looking for something a little "fancier", check out the elite line of strollers from - the Flamenco and Mambo. I love the idea of the dual hydraulic frame suspension on the Flamenco. Plus, Zooper also has double strollers and other "everyday strollers" that are sure to fit your lifestyle.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you Zooper for providing the Waltz for review. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!