Small Talk for your Walls: WallTalk's Decorative Quotes, Words and Designs for Your Walls

WallTalk. Love it. Why? First - the name. How BEYOND clever is the name. I always do love catchy names that you can remember. Walltalk is SMALLTALK for your walls! Clever!? The only tricky part is to remember the site is - because it's Canadian. It's not dot com - its dot ca. So how do you get small talk for your walls? Go to:

Okay, now that we got the cleverness of the name and location of the site out in the open - let's chat about the second thing I love about WallTalk. The quotes and words are just as clever as the company name! There is something for everyone and every room! I was on the phone with my friend, reading some of the quotes that stand out in their 2009/2010 catalog and we were just cracking up at some of them.

My favorite WallTalk graphic came from the Not Just 4 Guys section. Moms of boys, you will LOVE this.

I thought this one was hilarious for older girls - maybe living in a dorm or first apartment. It's edgy and available from the Lipstick section.

There is also some cute options from the BabyTalk option - and keep in mind you don't just have to apply this designs on walls, you can put them on furniture, glass (glass doors, car windows), decorative pieces, frames - the possibilities are endless since these are not typical "wallies" - I'll explain more about that in a second. Back to BabyTalk - you can get this series of three words with a decorative swirl next to each and apply it to a chest of drawers. Each word can be applied to a different drawer ... it would be so cute!

When you look on the website or catalog, you will see that the walltalks come in different colors depending on the words. The common option is black, but sometimes you can get it in gold, white or pewter. Just imagine pewter on a copper colored wall in your kitchen - it would look AWESOME!

Something that is totally unique from WallTalk is their tiktalk collection. (Does the cleverness ever stop!? Instead of tick-tock it's tik-talk!) Anyways, tiktalk is a "clock" that uses themed words and graphics that you apply on the wall, along with the mechanical "hands" of the clock. So as it ticks, it goes around the graphic. It is so COOL!

So what kind of material are the WallTalks made from? Well, I told you it is not the same as the common wallies, which I did have in my oldest son's room. Wallies are repositionable, but they will also fall off the walls at time if there is a change in temperature. For example, there was one that was under an air conditioning vent and never wanted to stay up. But WallTalk is different. It is a lightweight vinyl, and once applied it will stay there. It is not something you can take off and reapply, but that also means it will stay where you want. And you can remove it, without damaging your wall.

Application is easy. I received a cowboy theme from their signature series. It came between transfer paper. To apply, I cut the words and pictures out. Then I peeled off one side of the paper. I put the design on the wall. At this point you can still stnad back and decide if you like it there or want to move it somewhere else. If you like it, then take a plastic card (I used a gift card from Wendys) and rub against the design. Then you peel the paper slowly off.... tada! It's on the wall and looks awesome! Almost like it was handpainted!

Honestly, the options from would look awesome in a hallway, in a kitchen, in a nursery, over a bed or couch ... it's just insane what you can do decoratively with WallTalk. There is a HUGE assortment of colors, sizes and fonts that works with all decor types. Plus, they make great gifts! Send a new couple a decorative monogram, give your parents a quote for their anniversary, give your pregnant sister or BFF something from the BabyTalk series. It would be totally unique and a great, stylish, chic gift. I love it!

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you WallTalk for sending the Cowboy graphics to review. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!