WAT-AAH! Challenge

So recently I was asked to partake in the WAT-AAH! Challenge. Seeing how it's only going to get hotter and we spend a lot of time outside - I said SURE!

What is WAT-AAH!?

Well, it's water. And not just ANY water - as if it weren't healthy enough - but they formulated this water to improve brain and body functions. And not in a "pretend" kind of way by adding caffeine or sugar, instead they added kid-friendly electrolytes (BRAIN), magnesium (BONES), nothing but pure spring water (BODY) and finally there is one with energizing oxygen (ENERGY). Those four water drinks are packaged in cool, sleek bottles with a hip cartoon boy exclaiming "WAT-AAH" on the front. So it looks chic, just like grown-up energy drinks. Except grown-up energy drinks ARE loaded with caffeine and sugar for quick highs that don't last long!

The Challenge

As part of the challenge, I was supposed to leave the four bottles of WAT-AAH (www.wat-aah.com) I received somewhere for my kids to find. That way I would see if they would grab that or unhealthy, sugar-laden beverages. Well, in hindsight it was a great idea ... but at the same time my kids don't drink unhealthy, sugar-laden beverages. We are a milk or water kind of family - well the boys are. I do drink coffee and diet coke. (Yes, I like caffeine. But I am an adult, I am allowed caffeine!)

But I have to say, my sons did love the WAT-AAH, when given that option compared to milk. I stuck a straw in it too, which made it uber-special for them. And it made me feel good that they were well hydrated this hot, hot summer. Plus, by encouraging them to drink water, I was joining the battle against childhood obesity and encouraging a healthy lifestyle!

I know at Play Dates many moms bring juice boxes. So convenient - but so full of sugar. I would love to load a cooler with these instead (the four I received was right for my family, not for a whole play group!) and see how many kids (and grown-ups) choose the hip WAT-AAH brand!

But back to the challenge. Want to know if kids love WAT-AAH? I hope my picture of my son is proof enough!


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you WAT-AAH for allowing the Mom Buzz to take part in the challenge. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!