Turn Any Sock into No-Slip Socks!

I recently received the coolest little invention that will turn any sock into a no-slip sock. This is PERFECT for winter, when you are keeping your toes warm in socks as the temperature dips. But when the temperature dips, smooth floors + socks = lots of slips! Trust me ... i have a bruise on my bottom from walking across my laminate floor in socks and falling. Imagine if I landed wrong and injured my tailbone! I'd be sitting in an inflatable donut! So if anything, this no-slip solution is not just a must-have because it keeps you from falling, but it literally will save your behind.

Okay, so what is this invention and how does it work? Well, it's called GRIPPIES. I received two little packs of them - one being peel-and-stick clear bears and the other being iron-on clear stars. You can also get either style as clear ovals. A pack has 24 little "grippies". I tried out the peel-and-stick grippies on my preschoolers socks and they stuck on great and gave it some good traction!

To apply, I peeled the grippies sticker off the waxed backer sheet. Then I put 6 grippies on each sock. They suggest putting on the ball and heel of the foot. And... it is THAT simple.

The iron-on ones work a little differently, since you have to iron them on. But I am positive it provides a great "stick" to the sock afterwards.

You can also purchase Grippies Run-Resistant Tights online, of course with a Grippie bottom! And you know how slippery tights can be. And the cost is great! $6.99 for the tights! ($4.99 for the Grippies that you apply to socks!) The tights come in four colors - black, white, pink and cream. That's perfect for any little girl!

I think it would be fun to see more shapes and some bright colors for Grippies in the future. It would be cute to put hot pink grippies on lime or black socks, or maybe army/camo grippies on black socks - just to liven things up a little. Kids and moms LOVE colors!

One Buzz reader can win a 24 pack of Star Iron-On Grippies!

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. The Mom Buzz received a Swag Box of goodies and loved her Grippies so much she just HAD to share the fun! And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!