Theme Parks and Sun Protection

I am sure most of you know that my family gets to enjoy a lot of outside fun here at home. I am often sharing photos of us at the beach, zoo and theme parks. Now, the beach is almost a no brainer when it comes to needing sun protection. But what about the outside attractions? Heck yah - you better be protecting your skin and your children's skin as you stay 8 hours out in the sun! Just because you aren't purposefully laying out to "get a tan", doesn't mean the sun isn't hitting unprotected skin.

So you have your sun lotions, right? The problem is that even they need reapplication as you sweat and rub them off. But uv protective clothing, like this UV Skinz my husband is wearing in the picture, offers protection for as long as he is wearing it! His arms, chest and torso are all protected. He wears glasses to protect his eyes and lotion everywhere else. And of course, my boys were wearing UV shirts too. (I am so much better at keeping them protected than myself - I admit I was only using sunscreen.)

But, as a mom, isn't that our job - to ensure everyone is safe and healthy? And my husband LOVED this Black and White Koi Pattern shirt that I bought him for his birthday! He wears it to the theme parks, the beach, or whenever he is going to be outside for a long time. It is comfortable and moves with his body. And it really makes his arms look huge! (I mean, they are already huge, it just emphasizes it!)

Face it, in the water T-shirts often become more transparent allowing the sun's rays to hit your body. But not this swim shirt! It moves with him, doesn't absorb a lot of water, dries quickly and is always protecting him and moving with his body!

I absolutely adore the shirt and want to get him more ... plus more for the kids too. And I am even thinking that they would make a fabulous gift for any family members that love to swim and be outside!

So, if you are heading outside to play - whether at the beach or a theme park - definitely consider check out the uv protection apparel that you can find at UV Skinz!


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