Modular Carpets from FLOR: Win a FLOR of your Choice*

Recently I was on the search for a new rug to put in my living room. My dogs and son's destroyed the one I had there. You don't want to know how... whatever you were thinking - it was worse. The thing is, I liked having a rug there, and I do think they (the animal and boys) can handle it now. But the good thing is, the rug that I got to replace the old one can handle whatever my kids and dog dish out - that's because it's a FLOR rug!

What makes FLOR rugs special? In my case, the fact that they are modular rugs is what makes them work in a high-traffic area with these little messy critters about. A 5x7 rug is made up of 12 tiles, each measuring around 19.7 inches. You combine the tiles to create a pattern and texture of your liking. And if the rug gets various liquids or viscous materials on them that cannot be removed by simple cleaning (vacuuming, steam cleaner) you can actually remove the square and scrub-scrub-scrub it in the sink. And if it is beyond repair (!!!) you can recycle your old FLOR tiles and purchase as many as you need to make your rug work again.

Size Matters! What's really cool is that you can make a rug as big as you need with Flor. Let's say you love Toy Poodle 1. In the catalog this is sold as an 8x10, 30 tile rug. Well, you can easily request only 12 tiles using the same color pattern ... or you can fill a whole room (wall-to-wall) and order more tiles. Or, maybe it's not size... maybe you love the rug but think that shade of uh-oh orange that is in the pattern will clash with your cat. So trade it out for biscuit brown instead! Problem solved!

My Experience:

I received the Fez Rug to review. It's a 5 x7 rug that is perfect for a high-traffic area. It doesn't have a lot of fibers for yucky stuff to stick to. So when I vacuum ... it's so clean again! I love it compared to other rugs I've had in that spot. It's really cushy and almost reminds me of a foam material, but more "grown up" for the living room. The rug is made up of four Fez tiles - Earthen, Gold, Green and Vanilla. In hindsight, I should have avoided a color called "Vanilla" with the boys. But when they spill strawberry milk of smash a chocolate cookie (always on the vanilla tile), I am able to clean it with some simple cleanser. I used a toothbrush once to really get some stuff out - but it's looking good. And I know if the boys destroy it, i can sent the tile back to FLOR and purchase a different Fez tile that might work better - like Orange Fez.

When they sent the Fez Rug, it came with directions on how they suggested I assemble it and little sticky squares (FLOR Dots) to attach the tiles to each other. If the tiles lose their stickiness, you can order additional ones from FLOR. I didn't assemble the rug according to the directions, but that's part of the beauty of FLOR. You can make the rug WHATEVER you want!

How to Install:
Need to see how easy it is to put together your FLOR rug, whether you are creating a 5 x 7 or wall-to-wall? Check out this installation video: How to Install FLOR

I also loved this FLOR Video - it sure makes FLOR carpet tiles memorable!

When I was looking through the FLOR Catalog, I saw that they had some really remarkable kits that might catch your eye. Some that stood out for me were...

SITTING PRETTY: Made of soft and curly "toy poodle" tiles, here you are alternating Uh Oh Orange and Feelin Groovy in bold, pink and orange stripes.

ARACHNOPHOBIA: Cobwebs and spiders make for a delightfully ghoulish rug design, perfect for Halloween or any other time you want to add a spooky vibe. The cut-and-loop construction is soft underfoot and features a slightly raised spider web design in either white or orange on a deep background of black. And not all Arachnophobia tiles feature the spider, lending an air of surprise on when you'll spot him!

FUZZY BUTTONS: These are circular rugs that are created using four separate rounded wedges. You can literally do a whole room with this unique rug, since it there are straight edges that will blend into a wall if necessary. It's available in the soft, curly Toy Poodle material in Uh Oh Orange, Roll Over Raspberry, Go Fetch Green and Tin Tin Teal.

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