Kiddimoto: Wooden Balance Bikes with an Edge

The Mom Buzz loves balance bikes. They are a great pre-biking tool, because they help children get used to the idea and position of a 2-wheel bike, without the fear of tumbling right off when they put their feet on the pedals. Why is that? Well - balance bikes have no pedals! Like a traditional ride-on, balance bikes depend on their little riders to move their feet Flinstone-style to get moving. It's kid-powered ... or in other words, Kiddimoto'd!

Kiddimoto - cute name, right? Well, you can find wooden balance bikes with a "biker" edge at Kiddimoto USA. I mean, all your child needs to complete the look is a leather jacket!

Kiddimoto is a high quality wooden ride-on, available in fun styles like Superbike, Scrambler, and Heroes. The Heroes line represents bikes from motorcycling legends Mike Hailwood, James Toseland, Barry Sheene and Nicky Hayden. All of the bikes are British designed and hand built of birch plywood.

There is some assembly required, so you'll need a screw driver. It does supply an Allen Wrench to put some parts together. You'll only be putting on the wheels and handlebar, though, so it can be done in minutes.

Kiddimoto Balance Bikes would make a great gift for an active 2 year old! (It is recommended for ages 2 - 5). Now, I have two boys, ages 20 months and 3 years. The 20 month old can sit on the orange Scrambler we received, but he is on tippy-toe. The 3 year old is really short, at 35 inches, but he is scooting around on it slowly so far. Once he gains another inch in height I can tell he will be zooming! He really does love it and wants it out in the living room all the time to play with. The appeal of a wooden balance bike that looks like a motorcycle is undeniable!

The Scrambler is the tallest of all the bikes at, at 18" in height. If you have a shorty like me, you might want to go with the Superbike or Heroes bike, both are 16" tall.

And girls will love these wooden balance bikes too. There is the gender-neutral orange, that I love. But you will also find blue, red, and pink options under the Superbike and Scrambler lines.

The wheels are real rubber, thick, bike wheels that can go over any terrain. It's good to scoot around in the house, on the lawn, the driveway or the sidewalk! You will want your child to wear a helmet when playing outdoors! Once again, you are preparing them for riding a "real" bike one day!

Why the Mom Buzz promote Balance Bikes as a Beginner Bike:
Are you wondering why I don't just suggest getting a bicycle with training wheels or tricycle? Well, we do have a tricycle which we love. And we have various ride-ons. But I love the balance bike, because it get the boys used to the idea of a two-wheel bike. It also improves their coordination, balance, steering and motor skills quicker than if they started on a bike with training wheels.

Plus, it's so nice to have a gorgeous wooden bike that you can keep for years - maybe even for your grandchildren - as opposed to a metal one that is sure to rust! This wooden balance "motorcycle" is something you will keep and cherish forever!

Do you know a toddler or preschooler that a Kiddimoto Balance Bike would be perfect for? Then visit PaisleyPlum, an authorized Kiddimoto Retailer, to purchase one today! They range in price, beginning at $149.99.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you KiddimotoUSA for providing a bike to review. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!