Hero of the Rails: Released on DVD Today

It's inevitable when you have boys, I suppose. Eventually Thomas takes over a portion of your life. I have my 3 year old trying to show his grandma Diesel through the phone and my 1 year old is building tracks to drive Percy on. It's actually pretty awesome. That's why I loved bringing the boys to see Thomas Live, as well as letting them watch Thomas & Friends on DVD or through my husband's IPod.

Most recently, we had the opportunity to watch Thomas & Friends in their greatest adventure to date - Hero of the Rails. It's a GREAT story line. It differs from the other Thomas & Friends shows, since this one is a CG animated, feature-length special. This one hour special will air throughout the month of September, starting today (September 8th) in conjunction with its release on DVD.

This is special in so many ways. For one, this will be the first time that you hear individual character voices for the engines - including three new characters! And while the signature "storytelling" is maintained, children will feel more empathy for the engines as they relate to them as individuals. I know I had my three year old saying "Poor Thomas" and "Poor Hiro" quite a lot!

There is quite a bit going on in this story. The main idea is that Thomas finds an old, broken down engine named Hiro. He and the other engines on Sodor work together to get Hiro fixed in time for Sir Topham Hatt to find him really useful.

Hero of the Rails will actually followed by more CG animated features on PBS Kids that will be broadcast in 2010, starting in January.

Overall, this is my favorite adventure to date and I think my sons will agree! Remember - you can order HERO OF THE RAILS starting today!


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