Hallmark: On the Edge of Motherhood

I love Hallmark Cards. I just mailed out two today - since it is my Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Laws birthdays this month. Both cards were really funny and I look forward to them receiving them in the mail. Both cards also cost over $2.50. That is about mid-range for a card, but in today's economy it might seem a little excessive to pay for a card what you pay for a gallon of gas or milk. So it's great that Hallmark understands and came out with two new lines of cards that can be purchased for just 99 cents.

One line is written to help moms through the day-to-day challenges of motherhood – and give them a few laughs along the way! This line of cards is called "Edge of Motherhood". I received a few cards which I look forward to sending to some moms I know. One mom is married to an old highschool friend with a lot of business sense. I am going to send her the card of baby crying on the cover and written underneath the screeching baby it says: Teething? Earache?? Stock Market?

Inside: Just take your best guess. It'll be fine.

Another funny card shows an exhausted mom on the cover. Inside it says: One of these days, the exhausted-mom look will be "in" and we'll be on magazine covers.

Hallmark's Edge of Motherhood cards are available at select stores nationwide where Hallmark cards are sold AND online at hallmark.com.

Hallmark also has a new collection of encouragement cards for kids, which will be perfect for “everyday” moments – whether it’s the first day of school, taking a test or trying out for a team. What's really cool is some of the cards include sound clips too, which play when a child opens the card! You know the kids will LOVE that! My kids' favorite is one with a monkey. When you open it you hear a monkey yelping with some music in the background.

Hear some of the cards in the video below:

These cards also start at 99 cents, with the encouragement cards with sound retailing for $2.99. All are available at select Hallmark Gold Crown stores and other retailers where Hallmark cards are sold.

Two Buzz readers will win 5 Edge of Motherhood and 5 mom-to-kid encouragement cards, at a value of $20 per pack.!

MANDATORY, FIRST ENTRY: Check out the Edge of Motherhood collection at Hallmark.com. Which is your favorite card?

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