Fun Fact: Intergenerational Activities

Sure, you may not have known that your kitchen could get you in great shape, but maybe you know this one? Intergenerational activities increase cooperation, interaction and exchange between people of different generations, according to Generations United- an organization that began in 1986.  Generations United is the country’s only membership organization promoting intergenerational public policies, strategies and programs.

When different generations work together, you can prevent unnatural age segregation and apply the strengths of one generation to meet the needs of another. For our children, these activities can enhance their social skills, improve academic performance, decrease drug use and increase stability.

For older adults, like our parents and grandparents, these activities can enhance socialization, stimulate learning, increase emotional support and improve health. You can learn more here: Benefits of Intergenerational Activities

Do any of my readers have tips on how we an increase intergenerational activities at home? Maybe they can do something that is truly win-win and do something to help the environment, since it is something all generations have in common. What ideas do you have?

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