Cozi® Announces the New Family Journal with SimpleShare

Finding time to keep grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends updated and connected is one of the biggest challenges families face. That's where Cozi comes in. You see, Cozi is a free web service that helps you organize and simplify your daily life. How? Well, the Cozi Family Journal with SimpleShare lets you capture and save family moments and quick stories. Plus, you can customize exactly how you want to share your stories with relatives and friends!.

I think the Cozi Family Journal with SimpleShare helps keep everyone in the loop when it comes to your family! And forget about mailing out a "yearly letter" around the holiday. It's so easy to send an e-mail newsletter to let Aunt Joan in Alaska know what's going on in the family - or they can even get news via Facebook or straight from your website. Relatives can mark what they've seen and read with Smiles, too, so you know who is seeing what!

How do these unique updates work? Here is an explanation of your options:

Family email newsletter - Each month, parents can automatically send out a private family newsletter to loved ones full of special moments and quick stories.

Quick email update - For those moments that can not wait, parents can send out a quick email update to select family and friends.

Family website – Parents can choose a URL and automatically turn their family journal into a family website with Cozi. The journal entries they select instantly show up on their family website and can be shared publicly or privately. There is no complicated blogging technology to learn.

Facebook - The Cozi Family Journal Facebook Application allows users to share with friends on Facebook. Users can update their family journal in Cozi, Facebook, or both. They can share their journal with a spouse or partner on their Facebook page. Cozi keeps everything in sync and everyone’s friends in the loop.

Twitter - An automated Tweet lets followers on Twitter know when their family website has new stories.

Want to see what a Family Journal is like before signing up? See an example on Robbie Cape's very own Cozi Family Journal.

 Win a T-Shirt! 

To celebrate the launch of the Family Journal with SimpleShare, Cozi is featuring journal entries at based on the theme Kids Say the Darndest Things. Enter a quick quote from those funny statements your kids are so famous for in your Cozi Family Journal, add a photo if you want, and share with Cozi using SimpleShare. Family Journal entries featured on will receive a Cozi “Smile” t-shirt.


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