Win a $50 GC from Snuggle Luv: Snuggle Your Child from Head to Toe!

With winter quickly approaching, you will want to stock up on some leg and arm warmers for your little kids. Where can you go to get them? Well, Snuggle Luv has a vibrant selection for boys and girls, as well as an awesome selection of unique accessories to go with them - such as hats (snuggle lids), blossoms, and apparel.

It would be easy to buy a truckload for UPS to deliver, whether you have a boy or girl! One of my favorite items from Snuggle Luv are their Snuggle Heroes apparel for wee ones! They are simple onesies with comic-like words on them exclaiming Zap, Kaboom or Crash on them - with a baby twist. This selection was designed by a professional comic book artist, exclusively for Snuggle Luv - and I look forward to a growing line with more size options! (Hint*Hint)

For girls, there is an extensive selection with their adorable blossom and crochet hats and headbands, as well as their blossoms and puffs. The blossoms and puffs can be attached to any of the hats or headbands, or they can be worn directly on the hair. Imagine how much they can dress up some simple pigtails! And choosing a favorite "lid" is next to impossible. The blossom hats (knit hats covered completely with flowers) would be perfect for taking photos, playgroups or visiting family! But I love the multicolored, rainbow, cotton-crochet snuggle lid. It is almost an every-day kind of hat, if I had a little girl.

But, you cannot forget about Snuggle Luv's selection of arm and leg warmers. The prices are awesome, at $11.99 a pair. And I could easily snatch up the cute camoflauged Trooper style, as well as the checkerboard Ska. Moms of girls would probably love the cute purple polka dot style, as well as the Peppermint/ Christmas Style! Hey, the holidays are fast approaching!

BUZZWORTHY: Right now if you buy TWO Snuggle Luv leg/arm warmers, you get 1 free! The prices were great before, but now you NEED to stock up for fall and winter!

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