Where the Other You Lives

This summer, I am hoping a lot of you are planning some good, outdoor trips! I know I have my camping gear ready, I just need the boys to get a little older. (Hello, Panther Bait!) What is shocking is that in the U.S. the time children spend outdoors has declined 50% in the past 20 years, according to the Ad Council. Actually, I was shocked at first - and then it made me understand that it's the trend, considering kids don't get enough outside play thanks to less gym classes and more video games.

Well, the Forest Service is hoping to change this startling statistic by encouraging tweens and their parents to re-connect with the great outdoors. Explore the website Discover the Forest, and then get ready to expore for real! Use your imaginations, discover new wildlife, and leave behind overscheduled days by visiting a park or forest nearby.

Discover the Forest directs you where to go using a zipcode finder to help you locate parks and forests. You can learn where there is water, where you can go fishing or boating, where to go hiking or biking. The site also gives you ideas of what to do once you get there, like learn how to use a compass or do leaf rubbings. You can even print a book of ideas. Finally it explains WHY it is important to do this. Face it, we need someone to fix the mess that's been created. And with a healthy and curious relationship with nature, our children are more likely to feel responsible for its well-being.

Learn more with this video clip:

Discover the Forest


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