Two Tips for Looking Younger

Sometimes I look at pictures from when I first met my husband, 7 years ago, and think "OH MY GOD!". While my husband is looking more mature and handsome, I feel like I am losing my youthfulness! So, I asked Christina for some tips on looking younger. Because, we all know that late nights with baby and early mornings with toddlers can make you look and feel a lot older!

Two Tips for Looking Younger
from Cristina Bartolucci, founder of DuWop

1. For everyday, the key to looking younger is to apply a great liquid foundation very lightly and make sure it is rubbed in well. Pat the same foundation over dark circles but use more and pat it into the skin. Heavy concealers can settle into lines. Next take a cream blush and apply a touch to the apples of your cheeks. You can press the same blush into your lips for a soft stain. Curl lashes and apply two coats of black mascara. No liner, no lipstick. This “no makeup” makeup look can take years off.

2. Keep your brows meticulously groomed and plucked. This really makes a difference and keeps your eyes looking wide open.

About Christina Bartolucci:

Cristina Bartolucci is a creative force of nature whose vision and passion for beauty invention keeps her constantly striving to break new ground. Today, Cristina finds great satisfaction in creating exciting and innovative beauty solutions. She focuses her talents on developing concepts for new products as well as designing their packaging. In the lab she mixes colors and formulas until she achieves exactly what she’s looking for. Cristina oversees every creative aspect of DuWop Cosmetics. But, her work as a makeup artist never stops, as she continues work with celebrities, and lends her vision to creating runway looks for New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week.