Toys“R”Us Stores Warm Up to Snuggie for Kids

Toys“R”Us stores are excited to embrace Snuggie for Kids as the newest addition to its family-friendly assortment of products. Over the past year, The Blanket with Sleeves™ has become a pop culture phenomenon and warmed its way into the hearts and vocabularies of Americans, 4 million of whom have gotten cozy on their couches with Snuggie. Now, the kid-sized version is conveniently available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide.

The Snuggie for Kids keeps children warm while giving them the freedom to move their hands, allowing them to stay snug as they read, watch TV or spend time with the family.

Shoppers can pick up the Jr.-sized blanket as they shop at The World’s Greatest Toy Store™. Snuggie for Kids comes in one size and is made of comfy fleece material, available in pink and blue. This innovative “54”L x 42”W blanket will keep any kid (up to 5 feet tall) warm and snug while reading, watching TV or spending time with the family.

This blanket – which started a big craze and is now small enough for kids to wear, too – can be found in special in-store displays among the best and broadest assortment of products that kids crave at Toys“R”Us.


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