Tonka Strong Arm Trucks

Coolest. Trucks. Ever. Honestly - if you have boys or girls that love trucks, check out the Tonka Strong Arm from Funrise. They are BIG. (Funrise calls them Beefy!) They are LOUD. (Not too loud! Don't worry moms!) And they SPARK! How cool is that?

There are two Strong Arm Tonka Trucks - the Bulldozer and the Dump Truck. They are both "working" trucks, as your kids can use the handle to make the dump truck "dump" and the bulldozer extend its plate to push objects.

By activating the trigger on the handles, the trucks will also cause a loud rumbling noise to show the trucks are working and inside you see it sparking safely as their engines rev up to do some real work! If any truck can withstand some heavy-duty imaginative play, these Strong Arm Trucks are sure up for the job! Here you can see the trucks in action:

Both of my sons love playing with the trucks - one is 3 years old and the other is almost 20 months. Once I showed how the handles worked, they were ready to rumble! They quickly dwarfed all of our other trucks, since only the Strong Arm Bulldozer and Dump Truck were able to handle my sons' Marvel Squad! They were all riding around the trucks to their next mission, it was super cute!

These trucks are equally at home, in the sandbox, at the playground or in your house. I prefer in the house, that way the heat and sand won't cause too much wear and tear.

We've definitely been given trucks in the past, with Tonka being a favorite, long-lasting brand - but these trucks would be a hit at a birthday party or under a Christmas Tree. I actually know a little boy who LOVES trucks and his birthday is this month! So I checked out to see where I could find more of the Strong Arm Trucks - and I learned that you can buy them from Toys R Us!

Plus, visit Funrise to see their complete selection of Tonka products! There are fire engines (how classic for under a Christmas Tree), helicopters, ambulances, police SUVS and so much more! They have 4 pages worth - every little boys dream!

Plus, at Funrise you will discover other great brands, as well, like Gazillion Bubbles, Food Play, and Truly Charmed - just to name a few. Great items for boys and girls!


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