Toddler Friendly Furniture from Delta Children's Products!

When do you make that decision to transform your child's bedroom from nursery to a big kid room? Do you make a giant leap or do it piece by piece? Whatever your decision, one place your sure to find something child-friendly and affordable during this transition is Delta's Children Products. They have an array toddler beds, dressers, tables, chairs, toy boxes and more!

It's also so easy to find their kids furniture, since they are sold at mom-loved stores - like Target, Babies and Toys R Us, Walmart, Baby Depot and more! So if you decide that it's time for the big kid bed, because your 25 months old is climbing out of the crib - you don't have far to go!

That was my problem. My youngest has started climbing the crib. Thankfully he always stops on top and doesn't tumble down. I just find him straddling the bar most mornings calling "Mommy!" I knew I needed a toddler bed and fast! Delta Children's Products had a great selection of licensed character furniture for boys, such as SpongeBob, Cars, The Backyardigans, Handy Manny and Toy Story. There are also great options for girls, with Dora the Explorer, Disney Princesses, Disney Fairies, Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

I ended up receiving the Disney Cars bed which my son ADORES. It came in a box, but was extremely simple to assemble. Then I just took his mattress from the crib and put it in the toddler bed. He likes to use it for naps and will even lie in it on his own when he is tired. Plus, since we had a great bedtime routine going, it was an easy transition to keep him in his toddler bed at night.

There are actually a few different toddler bed styles available. We received the simple plastic one. But, you may be interested in the oh-so-cool wooden toddler bed that is shaped like a car on the outside. There is also a 3-in-1 bed, a canopy bed, and a wooden toddler bed with rails. Also, this was the only change we made thus far in his room. But we could totally deck his room out with Cars furniture, since Delta Children's Products also has a matching table and chairs set, toy box, toy organizer, end table, art desk, gaming chair, hangars... and different styles of each. Or if you would like to buy a set from the starting line, go ahead and get the room in a box. (There are two options - one comes with the bed, table and toy organizer - the other comes with the bed, a different table and a toy box!)

Now, I love these licensed items! But you might even be interested in starting with Delta Products from the bery beginning. Some of the cribs they sell are 4-in-1s, like this Amber Crib, which will go from a crib to a day bed, then a day bed and finally a full-size bed. It provides for a more classic, clean appearance and you can purchase the matching furniture too.

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