Quick and Easy Styling Tips for Moms

So, I was recently talking to a friend about how hard it is for most moms to get out the door looking stylish. Somehow having a 3 year old and a spider monkey 1.5 year old has turned me into frumpy mom most days. You don't even want to know what I looked like when I just answered the door to talk to my kind neighbor, bringing my dog back.

Besides the point, if we don't want to scare the neighbors into thinking a Yeti moved in, we need some advice from the experts. So, I put my feelers out and have an answer! Cristina Bartolucci. She is the founder of DuWop cosmetics, a makeup artist, and a mom to two little girls. She shared a ton of great tips with me ... but I know you gals are too busy to read them all at once, so I am spreading the love over a few weeks. These first tips are overall styling tips! Try one or try them all and let me know what you think!

Quick and Easy Styling Tips for Moms
from Cristina Bartolucci, founder of DuWop

1. Spray damp hair with a touch of a light hold hair spray. Divide it into three sections and twist each into a coiled bun. Pin each bun to your head and leave it that way for the remainder of the day and overnight. (Wear a cute hat when you go out.) The next morning take the coils down, and finger through your hair with a bit of styling cream. This will give you sexy tousled waves that will last for a couple of days.

2. Sounds weird but you should brush your lips when you brush your teeth! The silicone in the toothpaste is a great exfoliator and the mint will give you a bit of plumping.

3. Make a homemade face mask with your child by mixing water, an egg (for firming), cornmeal (to exfoliate) and crushed strawberries (for antioxidant properties). It is a fun project and then he or she can paint your face and vice versa!

About Chistina Bartolucci After earning a fine arts degree from UC Berkeley, Cristina moved to Los Angeles to become a Hollywood makeup artist. Captivated by the idea of working with a human canvas, Cristina used her fine arts background to hone her skills. Her talent for revealing the natural beauty of her clients immediately made her an artist in demand, as personal makeup artists for some of Hollywood’s elite. In the late 90’s her work helped to define the fresh, dewy look that Keri Russell made famous as Felicity. Additionally, Cristina has gone on to work with countless other celebrities, including: Teri Hatcher, Sandra Oh, Uma Thurman and Maria Bello.