Portable DVD Player: Perfect for Summer Travels

My family does long trips every few weekends in the summer, as we head either to the East Coast to enjoy the beach or south to meet-up with friends. During these trips, the kids can get VERY GROUCHY. We bring along doodle pads and handheld games, but honestly sometimes a little television gives everyone a break. Because hearing your toddler cry creates anxiety for everyone.

1. I turn back to give him bobos (pacifiers), milk, toys - and my husband keeps yelling at me to stop turning around because it's dangerous.

2. It's awful for me, because I just feel all sorts of hormones rising, since moms are not made to withstand hearing our "babies" cry. (He's almost 20 months - always my baby though!)

3. My little one obviously has some level of anxiety if he's crying - he just really hates long car trips!

4. My toddler keeps informing me that "Lochy crying".

So we need some low-key entertainment. Spongebob anyone? Well, that was how we used to roll, until someone stole our first DVD Player out of the car. Summer time means thievery by bored kids in the neighborhood. Peeves me off, since it was a gift for my kids. But thieves don't care about that, eh? So we got a second one - cheaper. And it acted cheaper. It works inconsistently, often telling us there is no DVD in the player when you can still hear it spinning. So after some research, I thought that the 7 Inch Portable DVD Player (D1788ES) might be a great solution for summer travels.

Features of the D1788ES include:
  • an extra 7 inch screen, so each child can watch in comfort
  • a carrying bag with mounting straps for in-vehicle use
  • IR Wireless Remote, so you can play, rewind, pause from the front seat as they watch in the back
  • AC/DC Power Adapter so you can use this in the house (the beach hosue has no tv, so this rocks at bedtime)
  • Automotive Power Adapter, so it can keep playing in the car! No cutting out in the middle of Veggie Tales
I absolutely adore the way you strap the screens onto the seatbacks. You actually use the carrying case to attach the main screen (the one that you place the DVD in) to one seat. And then there is a mini-case that you use to attach the additional screen to the other seat. Both use buckles to tighten on the seat back, not flimsy Velcro. The one that we used (that broke) prior - used only a Velcro strap. And somehow one of the straps got undone and disappeared! And the case was more of a hindrance than an asset, like it is with the D1788ES.

Also, with the former portable DVD player, the extra screen had no way of staying propped up if not in use during a car ride. So, considering the small screen size and two kids - there were problems when we used it at the beach house. Two kids wanting to sit in front of a small screen. But with the D1788ES, both screens can stand on their own! So each child can gaze obsessively at Elmo as we trek towards SeaWorld.

So how do the two screens work together? They are connected with some A/V Outlet Cables. All three portable DVD players I've owned are connected that way. I would LOVE if someone creates a way to connect portable DVD players without cables somehow. Wireless? I am sure that would diminish quality with technology today. But that sure would be cool in the future!

This Audiovox DVD player costs between $180 - $199, depending where you purchase from. Definitely check out deals on Amazon! You might also be interested in checking out the other portable DVD players from Audiovox, since I really do like the durability and quality of the D1788ES, I am sure the other DVD players would be just as awesome.

For example, there is this 9 inch screen portable dvd player (D1917PK) that has 2 wired headphones and an awesome 7 inch screen portable dvd player (D7000XP) with a swivel screen - so cool!

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you Audiovox for supplying the D1788ES for review. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!