Party with Krafty-Kidz

I am so excited about! It's a company that specializes in Party Crafts and Loot Bags! I am definitely going to be giving them a call next year when my oldest turns four, because he had a BLAST doing the fun, easy samples that we tried out. And these crafts would be great for little playdates as well, especially during these HOT SUMMERS. Krafty-Kidz offers a fun, inside activity!

You can check out their Craft Kits and see there is a great selection for boys and girls ages 3 and up. You can view Craft Kits by season, for goodie bags, and there is even a special section dedicated to PIRATES! Argh, Matey! That was the majority of crafts that my son got to do. You can even order Loot Bags and Craft Supplies! Everything you need in one place! And so much more original and fun than traditional goody bags!

What is a loot bag - well it's a complete goody bag in a sense. Rather than buying piece-by-piece, it is all done for you. She has Tinker Bell Bags, which you have to grab when you see them, because they sell out fast. There are Pirate Loot Bags, which I love! You can choose a boy or girl option, and inside you will find:
  • Fabric tote bag: (red/black)
  • Pirate Craft: assorted styles
  • KKC Pirate Eye patch craft
  • (black for boys, pink for girls)
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • Pirate Notebook and pencil
  • glitter glue
  • gold coins

She really has all the popular themes for these loot bags, like Disney Princess, Cars, Jungle, and Sports.

But the crafts she supplies are just spectacular. Since my son was sick, I couldn't gee him with the cousins to work on the crafts together. :sad: But, it was a nice way for him to get some downtime when his younger brother was napping. In that time he created a Pirate Ship, Eye Patch, Pirate Flag ... and a spider magnet! Lots of it was foam and we attached foam stickers of pirates, monkeys, treasure chests, skull and crossbones and little gems. It came with glitter glue when appropriate, adding to the charm. You can see his creations below - I thought he did SUPER!

Now, I admit that I did one craft by myself. It was the Spring Felt Ornament Kit. It came with a felt die cut, gemstones,glitter glue and ribbon. It was a lot of fun and I think little girls would really love it. owner Joanne is a mother of 3 children. The idea of Krafty Kidz came after moms would comment on how great the crafts at Joanne's children's parties were. They said she should do crafts at all the kids parties. So she teamed up with Karla and together they have been doing crafts for Birthday Parties since April 2007.

Since then Krafty-Kidz has grown and started offering the pre-package craft kits and fun loot bags, like what my son enjoyed. This also allows children everywhere to partake in these fun activities, not just those local to Karla and Joanne!

Krafty-Kidz Mission:

To introduce crafts to many children and make "krafty kidz" out of them. A valuable skill to learn in this age full of technology. They design age appropriate crafts for parties and events so your event is custom-made for you. They can work with just about any theme so let your imagination go. They also design and package craft kits so you can easily do craft projects at home or give as gifts.

Krafty Kidz is giving one Buzz reader a Craft Pack - an assortment of crafts tailored to gender and age!

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