Mom Fuel: Roger's Gourmet Coffee and Tea Market

I run on coffee. Caffeine. Mmmm.... I've been drinking coffee since grade school, not too uncommon in Puerto Rico. And obviously I grew up with the coffee fad, thanks to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. I appreciate the down & dirty stuff you can get when you work in an office, as well as the delectable coffees you can order after dinner at fancy restauraunts.

Those gourmet coffees, real gourmet coffee - not burned beans from Starbucks - is such a treat to your palate. In fact, what makes Starbucks so yummy really is the milk and flavorings. But if you get some good coffee beans, you get a good coffee without having to dump in loads of milk and sugar.

That was the coffee that I received from Roger's Gourmet Coffee and Tea. Just opening the trial sized bags they sent me was an experience as the delicious scent would rise up! And when it was brewing, my house smelled awesome. They sent me 4 different kinds to try.

  • Belgian Lace Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Irish Cream
  • Hawaiian Kona

I have to say that I just mentioned Hawaiian Kona in passing to them, since I had it in ... Hawaii! On my honeymoon. So I thought it was cool they carried it. They were so nice to include a sample for me to reminisce!

I honestly don't even know where to start. The first one I tried was the Belgian Lace Chocolate. You would think that you had melted a high quality chocolate bar in your coffee. It has to be the best pot of coffee I ever made at home. If you want to do a gift basket of coffee for the holidays, you MUST throw in the Belgian Lace Chocolate. And for a chocolate lover, you might also want to throw in the Chocolate Truffle, which also sounds delish.

Next I tried the Irish Cream. The scent was awesome. And it is a flavor that many coffee lovers already know and love. But this Fairwinds brand that Rogers Gourmet Coffee carries was just an excellent way to start and end the day.

Next up is French Vanilla. The smell of vanilla bean combined with coffee beans is just entrancing! It takes vanilla to a whole new level! My cup was perfectly creamy, sweet and delicious.

Finally, I had the Kona. This one was a Black Mountain Gold Brand, while the other three were Fairwinds. With Kona, they combine Colombian Supremo Beans with French Roasted beans from Hawaii's Kona Island. The result is strong and will definitely get your Mom Buzz on!

But that was just a small sampling of what Roger's Gourmet Coffee has to offer! You will find different flavors under the brands they carry, such as Fransisco Bay Coffee, Fairwinds Coffee, Black Moountain Gold, East India, Organic Coffee Company, Cafe Jerusalem and Pleasant Hill Farms.

The Organic Coffee Company brand they carry is very unique and a great fit for many of you! It is 100% organic with only natural fertilizers and pest management techniques being used to cultivate the coffee beans and tea.

What's even better is that all Rogers’ coffee is grown on bio-diverse, coffee farms under a canopy of forest-saving native trees, protecting the bio-diversity of the farm for wildlife and the rainforests. Plus, all Roger's coffee is fair-traded and they have a Community Aid Program that was started in 1987 to fill the void that cannot be addressed by Fair Trade.

Visit Roger's Gourmet Coffee to buy a gift basket, some beans for yourself or simply to learn more about their eco-friendly involvement!


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you to Roger's Gourmet Coffee for a great cup of joe! And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products! Coffee Image courtesy of piovasci.