The Mom Buff: Shoulders and Back - 3 and 5 week

I am just amazed at how fast I am starting to see changes now. I know the most recent picture isn't the best, since it is a snapshot from a video. But that is me after 5 weeks of training (in the blue sports bra - top, left photo). The other picture is me after 3 weeks of training (photo on lower, right - purple bathing suit top). I can definitely see a sexy back making an appearance in the newer photo.

The thing is, since it is hard to see our backs, we probably don't give it much attention when working out. But it's important to hit every body group in a work out routine.

I have different exercises that I do during different weeks. But this is my current routine for back and shoulders.


Assisted Pull-ups
Machine Rows
Bent Dumb Bell Rows
Bent Over Lateral Raise

Lateral Raises
Arnold Presses
Shoulder Presses
Front Dumb Bell Raises

If you need help figuring out what a certain exercise it, just let me know. Often I look to YouTube for examples when I get stuck with an exercise I am unfamiliar with. Or maybe Kevin from LiftingUnderground might be able to give us some demos? :hint*hint:


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