The Mom Buff: Progress Pictures: Approximately 2 Weeks of Training

Okay, so I have been working out and on a diet to build muscle, not lose fat. (Some people have questioned what my goal is. You can read more about my original goal in Lose My Bee-hind.)

Sometimes you can work out, work out, work out and think you don't see any progress. Hence my progress pictures after just two weeks. Which is also why I took "before" pictures just a few days after I made this decision to enter a Figure Contest in 2010. I was hoping I would see something that would encourage me to keep at this! And... I think I have. In fact, just every day my husband and I notice that I look a little more tone in certain areas. My triceps, parts of my shoulders and abs are already trying to say, "Hello, World!" And the new pictures I took showed me something I didn't even notice in the mirror ... I have upper quadriceps!

No, I am not ready to compete tomorrow... or next month. (First, I have to learn how to walk in heels anyways!) But I think I am definitely on the right track. So without further adieu... my progress pics.

I will be sharing more pictures probably in 2 more weeks, so be sure to come back and check out the progress. And next week I'll talk about body types! It's pretty interesting stuff and gives you an idea that all body types have pros and cons that you have to battle.

Cissy from Cool Baby Kid has started training for a figure contest too! She has such a funny, fresh prospective - I encourage y'all to go see From Potty Training to Weight Training and support her @coolbabykid on Twitter. I do think her site is getting a redesign too?

And if you would like to see my current work-out, which I think is going to be tweaked next week - you can find it at Lifting Underground.


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