The Mom Buff: Are You a Cardio Bunny?

Term: Cardio Bunny
Definition: A woman who goes to the gym and only does the treadmill, bike or elliptical.

It's a cute name, I think. Pink and fuzzy! But I don't think it's used lovingly by people who are serious about getting in shape. While you are concerned about what they'll think if you try to use free weights or the machines, they are wondering why Cardio Bunnies stay on the cardio machines when real results come from building muscle. So the truth is, you stand out more if you do an hour on the treadmill, instead of picking up some weights for 1/2 hour.

The goal that the Cardio Bunnies and the "others" (What are they called? Gym Rats?) is usually the same - to improve your physique. But while lifting weight for a woman actually adds curves and tightness to the muscles, while burning calories - cardio really is mostly a calorie burner. (I promise, lifting weights will not instantaneously turn you into a "Body Builder". It will more likely perk up your boobs and ass...ets.)

Trust me - I am a reformed Cardio Bunny! (Entering Week 4 of serious lifting!) In the past I would literally bounce on the elliptical as I watched my hubby below work on the equipment. And whenever I took a hold of a free weight, I feared every man was judging me. But if they were judging me, it was probably with approval that I was taking a step in the right direction. (Once again, I am getting this from those boards I am visiting!)

So my advice is, whether you want to lose body fat, increase tone, be in better shape ... or heck - do all three - get off the cardio machines and start working with weights! The results will be so much better! And I promise not to call you a gym rat. Instead, you can go from being a Cardio Bunny to an Iron Bunny!


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