The Mom Buff: 4 Week Progress Pictures

So I've been working out for 4 weeks now, keeping my Figure Competition Goal in mind. I have 13 more months to reach my goal! I am still happy with the progress I'm seeing. I am definitely not competition ready yet ... but at this pace my husband thinks I'll do just fine!

The pic with my little one (on the right) that you see is actually pretty cool, in my opinion. I am very relaxed, since I had just picked up my crazy boy who wanted me to stop posing and show him some attention. My husband snapped a pic. When I saw it afterwards, I was pleased that you can definitely see four abdominal muscles showing, as well as my triceps popping.

Now let's get on with the business of "real" progress pictures. If you want to see the comparison from the first two weeks of progress pictures, visit here. To see the difference from August 4 to August 18th, just keep scrolling!


Left Side


Left Side

Overall, I think I am on the right track with diet and exercise! You can view my diet at Lifting Underground. Be sure to stop by next Tuesday for more information to become Mom Buff.


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