The Mom Behind the Buzz: Surgery Update

Sometimes I get so busy chatting about cool fun stuff, awesome products or fitness - that I forget about one thing vital to the Mom Buzz. Uhm... me. :chuckle: Actually, I don't just forget to tell y'all - I forget to tell friends too.

So not surprisingly, when I mentioned on 8.26 on Facebook that I was having surgery in a few hours - some people were a little surprised.

Want the scoop? Here it is.

When I was 15 I developed what I later learned was a cyst inside the cartilage portion of my ear. I lived with the discomfort for about 10 years, but when it became too much I went to see a dermatologist. He diagnosed it and said if he removed it, it would probably come back. So I decided to live with it - for 5 more years.

This July I decided screw it - I can't imagine living another 60+ years with it. So I saw a new dumbass doctor that said he could remove it as an in-office procedure. Excited that it could be that simple, I went with it. Unfortunately, he was inept and even though he sliced open my ear and "scraped" (his words - not mine) he didn't see what he was looking for. He said maybe he got the head of it. But since my husband has a pilonidial cyst in the past, I knew that wouldn't work. The next day the incision was oozing and I called his office telling him the cyst was not removed and it was mad. His office told me to come in. The idiot told me it was infected and gave me antibiotics.

I called again after the weekend passed telling him it was not infected. They brought me in and said it was an infection, took a culture and gave me more antibiotics. The culture revealed ... it was not infected. They simply did not remove the cyst. Like I said. Sigh. So now I had puffiness, a leaking cyst and pain.

So I got in with a new doctor, the one who worked on my husband. He is a plastic surgeon, by the way, and my dentist's dad. I find that hilarious. Anyways, he said I had to go to the hospital, be put under anaesthesia (go to sleep) while they work on me since it is so close to facial nerves. And he wanted to ensure the removal of the whole cyst.

Now, this office was inept too. They made me go to a clinic THAT DAY to take an HCG blood draw 8 days before my procedure. Anesthesia requires it. Anesthesia also requires that HCG draws not be older than 7 days. So it was a pointless waste of 2 hours for me to sit in that clinic and have the nurse blow a vein.

Next, this office wanted to see my the day before the exam for a quick physical. Since it was going to be quick, I brought the boys. When the doctor checked my heart, I was holding my youngest since he wasn't certain about the man in the white coat who looked like Santa sans beard. That was when the doctor told me, by using his stethoscope, that I had a problem with the atrium of my heart that would require blood thinners for the rest of my life, a shock to my heart or surgery. Uhm. Then he sent me to the hospital, with those two boys in tow, for an EKG.

The hospital without an appointment with a 3 year old and 20 month year old who are now missing naptime is HELL. My oldest literally took off at registration and my 20 month old repeatedly took off his 5 point harness. And here I think I am about to have a stroke due to the heart atrium issue. I finally get them seated, crying (them - not me) since I won't let them budge. (By the way - remember my potty training of the 20 month old? He did use the potty when there. No accidents! It's possible even in stressful times.) Then I found stickers in the diaper bag and they were happy again, seated. So I was happy.

They call me for the EKG and the kids are allowed in the room with me. My 3 year old holds my hand asking me if I am okay. :heartmelts: The EKG is done in 60 seconds. (Which is how fast it takes to steal a car.) I leave. I wont have results until the next day at surgery for my cyst in my ear.

The next day my mom watches the boys while my husband takes me to the hospital. The nurse has my files so I ask for the results of the EKG. NORMAL! No heart problem. Which is a GREAT RELIEF. But it also PEEVES ME OFF. How the hell could the surgeon worry me by diagnosing me with his STETHOSCOPE? Why not tell me I MAY have a problem with my heart atrium and the EKG would confirm or deny it? I told the nurse the story and she listened to my heart and said normal. The anaesthesiologist came in and listened to my heart and said normal. So three normals. Only one person said abnormal - the surgeon the day before with his stethoscope while I was holding my 20 month old.

Anyways - onto the surgery. I didn't talk to him post surgery - but my husband did. The surgeon said he went sliced completely around the cyst to get the complete wall and cut it out. Plus he fixed the scar the inept dermatologist left.

So that is my surgery and heart story. I am fine. Thank goodness. Let's just hope for no recurrence of the cyst!

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This is solely the experience of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with doctors. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!