Manic Mittens: Boutique Hair Bows & Accessories

I just received the cutest Bobby Pin the other day from Manic Mittens. It was mostly green and the fabric had an antique appeal to it. It was amazingly well-made and I knew my friends and sister would love it as a unique hair accessory for themselves. The bobby pin was 2.5" (63mm) and silver plated. And the selection is HUGE with an assortment of colors, styles and bling. You can even have bobby pins custom made, which would be so cute as part of a wedding shower gift for bridesmaids. For $10 CAD you can get 3 pins, but one pin averages at $4. So it's a great deal to get the 3-pack!

Prices on bobby pins will vary depending on the embellishment used but will average at $4.00 per pin or three pins for $10.00. They range from sweet styles (think flowers) to edgy - like this skull below! LOVE IT!

Another unique item from Manic Mittens are the no-slip clippies. These are ribbon covered , 45mm alligator clips that have "grippers" added so they have superb grip on the finest, straightest of hair. When I was younger, I had such straight hair that NOTHING would stay in it. And my niece is just wild, and clips definitely like to fall as she goes off running! But these clips ensure a style stick! I love how the clippie I received (brown with a gorgeous blue accent) was fully lined - not all girl hair clips are. It is an overall neater, more professional look. It makes a great gift, since presentation is key from the clippie style to the glittery packaging. And all of Manic Mittens hair clips have the ribbon heat treated and sealed to prevent ends from fraying.

My favorite no-slip clippie set? The skulls and cherry! Sweet and edgy, sold together!

Finally, you have to check out the Boutique Hair Bows! Big and fabulous! They are perfect for school or playdates, creating a gorgeous hair style out of a simply ponytail or braid. The bows are partially lined, since it helps them slide in place over a ponytail or braid without mussing up the sleek effect that you are going for elsewhere. You can also request that they leave the no-slip grip off, otherwise it comes with it. There are so many bow styles, from itty-bitty to minibow and pinwheel to basic (or as I prefer to say - original). I received a pink "Original" to review. It was super well-made and flawless. No ends peeking through, so you almost had to wonder how the bow was made! It was accented with white in the middle. It is simply perfect for any little girl.

But there are definitely bows that make a wild statement at Manic Mittens, like this hot pink layered skull bow!

What's great is this is barely touching the selection that Manic Mittens has! They carry over 20 items in their store! Snap Clips, Boutique Headbands, Princess Pigtails Pony O's, Holiday Accessories, French Clips, Crochet Hats, Boutique Beanies, Tutus, Mittens and a whole lot more! Check it out for a little girl you love ... a friend...or yourself!

Win a matching pair of hairbows (pictured below). Choose between pink, lilac, or white. They are 2" across and mounted on a partially lined clippie.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. THank you Manic Mittens for the samples. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!