Hanging at the Beach or By the Pool? Avon Terry Tote Bundle is a Must-Have

I am particular about my bags. Unlike most other women and/or moms, I only have:
  • 2 Purses: 1 Coach (dates and Mom's Night Out) and 1 Handbag Heaven (every day wear-and-tear)
  • 1 Diaper Bag: Love my StorkSak
  • 2 Re-usable Totes (not counting cheapie grocery bags): the Flip and Tumble and the Goody Green Bag are my staples since they fold/roll so small.

But, will you believe this Floridian has no bags or totes made specifically for the beach? Honestly, I usually just grab some totes and stuff them, but they aren't made for sunscreen, snacks, wet bathing suits and more. But I discovered the cutest Terry Tote Bundle from Avon! (Yes, the same people that make the Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard I love!)

This bundle comes with THREE cotton terry bags for only $39.99. The largest one is an orange, oversized tote with thick rope handles. It is fully lined with a big zipper pocket. It measures 23" L x 15" H x 7" D. I used it to bring my boys to some splash fountains and I fit the small bathing suit zip bag, snacks, their drinks, a change of clothes and two oversized towels in it. It held EVERYTHING.

There is also blue hobo purse, which has a snap closure, is fully lined and has 3 pockets. It measures 13" L x 10" H x 3" D. I stuck my wallet, phone and camera in there. It was great bringing something to the splash park that would be okay to get a little damp! And I loved the flip-flop embroidery on it.

Finally, I loved the smaller zip bag, which measured 10" L x 7" H. It is perfect for putting the dry clothes in when we get there, and then swapping it out for wet clothes before we leave. That ensures my boys are always comfortable and that nothing else in my bag (phone, Flip, wallet) gets wetter than they have to as the boys UV shirts drip-drip-drip. This bag is yellow with a bikini embroidery on it - but the boys don't mind!

Honestly, this is the most perfect set I've come across to tote things back and forth this summer. I am so glad Avon has it! If you don't have a set you love yet - definitely check it out in more detail at Avon.com! And grab some SPF 30 Bug Guard while you're at it! It's perfect for keeping away little annoying bugs on the gulf!

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you Avon for providing the set for review. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!