Giggles & Grins Design: Handmade Picture Frames

No one likes giving the same item as someone else at a birthday party or baby shower. We want our gifts to be as unique as the little people we are celebrating. That's why I am excited to introduce a new online store that features one-of-a-kind, handmade picture frames - Giggles & Grins Design. offers handmade picture frames that can be completely customized and personalized, creating a truly unique and special gift. Currently they offer five frame collections:

Babylicious: It's a great selection of frames for baby boys and girls! There are plenty of designs and styles that are sure to match any nursery. The designs really pop with 3-D images. Plus, there is plenty of room to personalize with a monogram or name, making it a truly special baby shower gift!

Safari Chic
: Safari themes are very popular for nurseries, so one of these frames would fit right in. Plus, plenty of women love wild, pink prints like this pink zebra.

Funky & Fun: Funky & Fun is lively and full of color. It doesn't have to fit in any other category! If you are looking for a fun gift for teacher, think about grabbing the paperclips frame and tucking in a group class photo along with a gift card to Target!

Totally Teen: Is it bad that I think the Totally Teen section would be cute for adults too? The argyle prints are fabulous! Something like the leopard print would be totally wild for capturing fun memories at a bachelorette party. Although, the "chalk/scribble" style teen hearts would be super cute holding a prom or BFF group picture.

Sophisticated Style: Sophisticated Style has a great selection for those with class! They would make super Christmas Gifts, since nothing is more cherished than memories! So get a few frames (I personally love the sophisticated pink flower frame), tuck in photos of the kids and Christmas shopping is DONE! It would also be a creative way of introducing a new member of the family, by putting in a copy of an ultrasound photo.

As you can tell, Giggles & Grins offers playful and fun designs for babies, teens and even adults! Be sure to read the details under each frame for the dimensions and photo size it best holds! And for the ultimate baby keepsake or gift, Giggles & Grins also designs one-of-a-kind picture frames for birth announcements.

So before you arrive at a shower or party with another "keepsake frame" bought at a mass market retail giant where everyone shops, check out Giggles & Grins Design for a completely unique twist!


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