Eco-Friendly Batteries: Fuji EnviroMax

I am sure many of you know batteries aren't exactly healthy for the environment. You are actually supposed to recycle them - but most people don't. The result is a significant amount of heavy metals and other toxic substances that are released into the air and water.

Most recently, Fuji developed a more ecofriendly battery. As they say, you can "turn over a new leaf with household batteries designed for 'greener living'." How cool is that and HOW DO THEY WORK?

Well, Fuji EnviroMax Batteries are Cadmium free, mercury free and PVC free. They are landfill safe, packaged in recycled materials, no ozone depleting compounds are used in manfacturing and they still provide maximum alkaline power. I used them in my FLIP Camera, which is a high-drain electronic device, and it works like a charm. At the moment, it seems no different than other batteries. But I am counting on its life span to be longer. And a longer lifespan of batteries means less replacing! And it also means less end up in a landfill. (Remember, do NOT throw regular batteries in the garbage! They need to be recycled.)

Fuji EnviroMax is a first of its kind - although I do keep my fingers crossed that other battery manufacturers follow this green trend! Fuji EnviroMax batteries are available in:

AAA Batteries
AA Batteries

AAA Batteries
AA Batteries
C Batteries
D Batteries

There are lots of places you can pick up these batteries, including two of my favorites - Target and Amazon! You can also follow Fuji EnviroMax on Twitter!

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