clek oobr™ Booster Seat

Have you spotted clek's full back booster seat, oobr™? Oobr utilizes advanced engineering techniques for additional safety and convenience when seating your child. It is said to have set a new standard in boosters, as oobr is uniquely designed to provide all-around protection and comfort for kids.

Oobr is engineered with front, rear and side impact protection in mind. It's exclusive Elemental Safety System™ is comprised of five structural safety elements:

  1. First-ever magnesium back frame better contains the child's torso during a side impact collision and protects against vehicle intrusion.
  2. Rigid LATCH system secures the booster seat in place, while providing easy installation.
  3. Steel headrest structure with deep side wings reduces twisting movements and improves head protection in a collision.
  4. Energy-absorbing foam layer results in less force transferred directly to the child in a collision.
  5. Belt guides improve belt positioning on shoulders and hips.
Oobr is also the first booster seat to utilize Crypton® Super Fabrics, which feature an integrated moisture barrier that protects the seat from bacteria, stains, static and odors. What a relief that would be!

Check out this video:

Additionally, oobr offers the flexibility of a removable back and adjustable headrest to accommodate a wider range of children. The full back is ideal for children between 38-57 inches tall who weigh 33-100 pounds. When the back is removed, it is suitable for children between 40-57 inches tall who weigh 40-100 pounds.

A variety of stylish designs are also available, including special edition seats that feature Paul Frank's® lovable, wide-mouthed monkey Julius, and his canny friend Skurvy.

Starting at $239.99, oobr should be available online and in local boutique stores now.

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