Can You Go to Discovery Cove Pregnant?

Recently, I was asked if you could go to Discovery Cove when Pregnant? The answer is most definitely yes. I was 7 months pregnant with my oldest when my hubby and I went to celebrate our anniversary.

It was simply awesome. It was all-inclusive and with our Discovery Cove Purchase we even got a ticket to go to SeaWorld the next day! But, that is besides the point. You want to know about being pregnant at Discovery Cove.

Well, there is a lot to do there. There is the stingray pool, which I shuffled around in (because you don't want to step on them - not because I was pregnant). There is a river that goes through an aviary where you can see all sorts of cool birds and even tiny deer! It was amazing! And then there is the coral reef, where I laid on the "beach" and my husband snorkeled to his heart's content. I did go in for a little bit, but felt more comfy lying in the sun feeling my son moving in my belly.

The one funny part was when we did the dolphin experience. First of all, there was no way I could get my belly in the one piece wet suit, so I had to wear the vest. Once in the water, no one could tell I was pregnant. But then my "newbie" dolphin outed me! She was so CAUTIOUS around me. She didn't even want to come close to our group at first and she wasn't doing what the trainer wanted. Finally one of the other trainers asked if anyone was pregnant. :blush: Well, the dolphin KNEW I was pregnant. But supposedly since she was young she was either freaking out that it was contagious (LMAO) or that she couldn't see this extra "being" that was in the water with me. When it finally was my turn to "swim" with the dolphin she moved so slow, being extra careful not to jiggle me. But it was still cool.

The water was a little cool for me, but we did go in March. Overall, the fresh water Serenity Bay and Wind-away River are maintained around 86 F. The salt water dolphin pools, Stingray Shallows, and Coral Reef are 77 F.

What does a pregnant woman need to bring? Sunglasses, sunscreen, water shoes and/or flip flops and a maternity bathing suit! Actually, if it was my second pregnancy you would have caught me wearing my bikini. Ha! But with my first I was more conservative.

So - can a woman go to Discovery Cove when pregnant? Yes! It's a fun, relaxing experience. And how often do you get to freak out a dolphin?


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