Book Buzz: Someone I Love is Sick - Review & Give-Away

So, my great-grandmother passed away 3 years ago. She did have cancer and fought hard for what seemed like years. But between her age and the disease, she did finally pass away. I am just thankful that my niece, nephew and oldest son had a chance to meet her.

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult challenges for those facing cancer is telling their young children or grandchildren that they are sick. Avoiding the conversation is not the answer. That’s why a well-respected cancer support center, The Gathering Place, has designed a unique, customizable tool to help with these conversations. It's a book called Someone I Love is Sick.

Someone I Love is Sick is designed to help children ages two through six cope with a parent’s or grandparent’s cancer. It uses colorful, age-appropriate illustrations and simple statements that focus on the feelings and realities of cancer situations in a non-threatening manner. The tool is meant to offer educational information while initiating a safe, open conversation between parent and child during every point of the cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment, recurrence, hospitalization, etc.

What's really unique and ideal is that the book’s pages are unbound, so you can arrange pages based on the stage of the cancer journey and the family’s specific situation. This includes diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization, recurrence, etc. If it doesn't recur, you don't need to put those pages in. Some questions explored include:
  • “Can I catch cancer?”
  • “Will you still help me?”
  • “How do you get cancer?”
There are two versions, one for parents and one for grandparents. Pictures include children and parents of all ethnicities. It is $21.95 plus shipping. All proceeds go to funding for free programs and services offered at The Gathering Place.

The tool has been endorsed by Lance Armstrong and those in the healthcare community, and all of the proceeds support those touched by cancer. Even if your family isn’t facing cancer, this could be given to a family you know who is. Or you can even donate it possibly to a hospital.

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