Back to School with Attune Bars! (Review and 4 Give-Away)

I've chatted about probiotics before. They are the healthy bacteria that provide us with digestive and immunity benefits. It keeps us healthy and you most often find probiotics in yogurt. My kids and I love yogurt as a healthy snack! The only problem, it's sometimes hard to take yogurt on the go when it has to stay cool! I mean, it's not something I can just throw in a diaper bag. Nor is it something that everyone can keep in the car when they are at work, if they don't have a fridge. Nor can you toss it into your child's backpack. Plus, you have to remember that darn spoon!

But there is something that has all the healthy probiotics you and your children need - actually it has 5x the amount compared to yogurt. What am I talking about? Attune bars! They are tasty, individually wrapped, are available in an array of flavors and are easy to grab on the go - which refers to all moms!

An Attune Bar a day may keep bad germs at bay! Mom's of school-aged kids know that once their kids return to school, whole families get sick. But the probiotic cultures in Attune bars can be an effective way to prevent flu symptoms in little ones! There was an actual study done, which was featured on Good Morning America, that tested over 250 kids daily for six months. One group was given a single strain of the probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus, the other group received a combination of the L acidophilus and Bifidobacterium probiotics, and the last group received a placebo. Both the single and combination probiotics reduced fever by 53% and 72.7% and reduced runny noses by 28.2% and 58.5%.*

Now, they do suggest that you keep Attune products refrigerated while you store it. But once you are ready to go, you just toss it into your bag! Why the refrigeration prior? Well, it helps keep the probiotics in Attune alive for eight months from date of manufacture. There is a date on each bar, so you know how fresh it is.

Attune’s Chocolate Probiotic Bar are available in the refrigerated yogurt case of retailers throughout the U.S. and come in 80-calorie Dark Chocolate and Coffee Bean Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Almond Milk Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Crisp and Blueberry Vanilla varieties (just 90-100 calories each).

The 170-calorie Attune Granola Probiotic Wellness Bar features a light, yogurt-flavored coating and comes in Chewy Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Strawberry Bliss varieties.

I LOVE the granola bars personally. They are so chewy and very satisfying. Personally, I can only eat it a 1 day a week (on a cheat day) because I am on a specific diet of carbs/protein. But for moms on the go who aren't on a strict figure/body building diet, but do want to get the healthy benefits of priobiotics - you will love it. They taste so decadent! And your kids will love them too. Just imagine when they peek in their book bag and see you packed a Dark Chocolate Candy Bar for them with their lunch. They think "Score" as it melts in their mouth! But you know that you are just helping their bodies fight against those germs from the other kids!

My favorite Granola Bar that I tried was the Peanut Butter and Chocolate. My favorite Candy Bar was the Mint Chocolate, but the White Chocolate with Blueberries was a close second.

Each Attune bar includes a blend of three Kosher and GRAS certified probiotic strains selected for their superior clinical efficacy and safety, as well as demonstrated stability. Attune’s probiotics are clinically proven to boost immunity and support a healthy digestive system. Unlike yogurts and probiotic shots, the low water content of Attune’s chocolate protects the cultures so they live longer. The bars are also an excellent source of calcium, have 3 grams of fiber, and contain less sugar than most yogurts, making them a great choice for the whole family. Attune's dark and milk chocolate bars are also gluten free.


You can purchase your Attune Bars online and even sign-up for reoccuring deliveries! Or you can purcahse in the yogurt aisle of many stores, like Hannaford or Food Lion. You can see the complete store listing here: Store Locator

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