All Aboard GeoTrax (And some good tips)

My son received his first GeoTrax set for his second birthday. We've now had the opportunity to play with it for over a year and it has been a huge success with him and his younger brother (who is now 1.5 years).

The GeoTrax set he received was the Grand Central Station. It includes a complete track, 3 people (Eric, Jared, Yvonne) who are about an inch tall, Aero (the train) and a remote control for the train.

TIP #1: Be sure to get replacement people at Fisher-Price. I did and it allowed for a lot of fun since there was always someone to ride the train.

The Grand Central Station has a crane to lift and load cargo, an elevator for people to go up and down and a cargo chute. Now, the train is called Aero and the driver is Eric. They are the fastest team in Geotown and their motto is "Throttle it up!"

The pieces snap together super easy. The first time my experienced sister assembled it for my son in minutes. I kept it that way for a long time, but then I started taking it apart and putting it together daily. You can put it together whatever way you want, but directions for assembly are included. The directions picture alternate layouts. What's super cool is the Grand Central Station will connect with the other GeoTrax sets.

Tip #2: Be sure to order more tracks and sets and let GeoTown and your child's imagination grow!

There are 41 pieces for Grand Central Station. It includes 14 tracks (long, short, curved, ramps), 4 guard rails (with and without tabs), 2 towers, canopy, escalator, 2 train cars, train engine, remote control, crane platform, concourse, passenger platform, 3 trestles, 2 bumper tracks, cargo crate, 2 supports, 2 lamp posts and a sign.

The train can move on the track or hard, flat surfaces. It is suggested not to drive it on the carpet.

This train is remote control. The remote control is easy for my sons to use. You move the switch all the way forward to move the train forward and you get a train sound effect. Just move it forward a little, and the train moves forward with no sound effect. Leave it in its original position and it doesn't move at all. Move the switch backwards for reverse. To start the train you also have to push the red button on the engine. But it turns off on its own after a few minutes of inactivity. The maximum range between the engine and remote control for this toy to work is 12 feet.

See it in action:

In the past year it has withstood my sons' weight as they sit and step on the track. The molded pieces are sturdy and brightly colored. It's super well-made.


It takes six AAA batteries, not included. A Phillips Screwdriver is necessary to install the batteries. The train engine takes three of those batteries. The remote control takes the other three.

Tip #3: Shop around for the best price. One place you might want to look is, which compares prices from many sites. When I checked for Grand Central Station, it compared prices from Amazon and Toys R Us.

Recommended age is 2.5. My oldest son has been playing with it since he was two and has really enjoyed it! And even my 1.5 year old understands how to play with it. And they both love the little people it came with. They ride the train, go down the elevator, slide down the chute and have wonderful adventures. It's a great birthday or holiday gift!


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