1-2-3- Blast-Off Summer Fun with Funrise Gazillion Bubble Rocket

What kid doesn't love bubbles? And the selection of Gazillion Bubble items at Funrise.com just rock...ets! Ha! Honestly, Funrise has over 30 Gazillion Bubble products, like a Jumbo Bubble Machine that automatically blows colorful bubbles one after another, and inside each other too! Plus, they have Sesame Street and Disney Bubble Blowers too! Choose from Ariel, Bruce (from Finding Nemo), Wall-E, Elmo and loads more!

But one of the coolest Gazillion Bubbles products that my sons and niece have played with was the Gazillion Bubble Rocket from Funrise. There was minimal set-up required. You just needed to assemble the rocket launcher (2 pieces) and the air pump that shoots the rocket (4 parts). They all connected together super easy. It comes with 8 ounces of Gazillion solution - so definitely buy more when you purchase the launcher! 8 ounces fills the solution holder about 2.5 times - and my 19 month old spilled it once! (Oi!)

The Bubble Rocket is for ages 6 and up, but that's because you need to be big enough to get enough force when launching the rocket! So when playing I would stomp on the launch pad to make the rocket fly! It was so cool! The force of the rocket launching from the pad would cause a trail of bubbles to be left behind! My boys loved it! It was perfect for a lazy summer afternoon to keep everyone entertained.

Older kids will like to try and catch the rocket as it lands - it is soft and light so no fear of bouncing off someone's head. I usually tried to catch it myself before it would fall on the dirty ground.

Here is a short video of us playing with the rocket.

What do you think? Pretty nifty! Plus it was a winner of the 2009 iParenting Media Award! Like I said, it would be great for a lazy summer day, family barbecues or even parties. Plus, it makes a great gift! My sons have been gifted bubble items a lot of times, and it is always appreciated to have something to play with outside!

Visit Funrise to see where you can buy the Gazillion Bubble Rocket and other cool Gazillion products before summertime is over!
About Funrise:
Founded in 1987, Funrise is an adventurous innovator of superior toys and an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of the most popular children's toys. Funrise's core property portfolio includes Gazillion® Bubbles, Home Arcade, Play 'n Pretty®, Truly Charmed™, Shelcore's Shake 'N Bobble® and Sound Beginnings® with leading licensed power brands such as Tonka®, Disney©, Sesame Street© and more, making their product offerings diverse and full of fun for kids of all ages!


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you Funrise for sending the Gazillion Bubble Rocket for review. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!