WordPress Design: Dramatic Design

Wordpress - Wordpress - Wordpress. It's what all the cool bloggers are moving to nowadays. But, making the move can be daunting when you have to self-host, choose a theme, and get a design so you don't look like every.other.wordpress.site.

Ahhhh...but the Mom Buzz has found you a solution. Meet Kim from Dramatic Design. She specializes in Custom Wordpress themes, helping you stand out. She has been developing websites for over ten years and has recently focused on Wordpress theme designs.

She normally works with small businesses, but is ready to open her doors to mom bloggers! Here are three of my favorite designs she has developed.

Kim from Dramatic Design has a lot of experiencing talking to her clients and designing websites via phone and e-mail conversations. And if you never had a blog redesign done before, she will walk you through the entire process - step-by-step. She is constantly learning new skills to serve you guys even better.

Kim has the knowledge and experience you need. She knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI, and PHP. She is even taking courses on modifying WordPress themes and the the benefits of Membership Sites. She is also a member of the Mom Masterminds networking community, since she is a mompreneur like many of you! So if you are ready for new design on your current, or maybe a new, Wordpress blog - head on over to Dramatic Design!

Dramatic Design is giving away a completely customized, 1-3 column, widget-ready theme to one buzz reader. Normal cost for this is $200.

MANDATORY, FIRST ENTRY: Visit Dramatic-Design.com. The tell us why you would like a custom theme and how they would use it. (Even if you don't win, Kim will send you a coupon!)

To receive these extra opportunities for entries, you must fulfill the first REQUIRED entry. But for extra entries, you can do the following - leave a comment for each:
Contest ends 8/31/09. Please refer to complete contest rules. The entries listed above are the ONLY entries for this contest.


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