Svan Scooter - Multidirectional, Wooden Ride-On

Anything that keeps my kids busy and using their imagination rocks. Who ever would think that was possible from a simple ride-on! Thanks to Svan Scooter, I rediscovered that simpler designs for toys is often better. You don't need a battery-operated, singing and dancing with lots of movable parts kind of ride-on. After all, they only break and batteries die (or parents take them out to stop the never-ending noise). That's why I really love the sleek design of this wooden scooter.

The Svan Scooter really has no front or back to it. Kids can sit on it facing either direction and still scoot. They can use the highest part as a steering pedestal or as a backrest. Heck, my boys even use it as a chair, with one sitting on the obvious rump area and the other sitting on the footrest/bumper. The possibilities are endless!

It comes with a carry bag, so you can tote it around scratch free. And it is easy to carry, since it is only 7 pounds. There are two gorgeous wood colors to choose from - expresso or natural. I chose the expresso since it matched my decor! And yes, the wood is lead free.

The Svan Scooter is sturdy enough to handle both my boys, each weighing 27 pounds. It can handle up to 50 pounds.

Overall I love it! I definitely suggest it as a 1st birthday gift or Christmas gift for a 1 or 2 year old. And since there is no assembly required, they can play IMMEDIATELY! It is one toy everyone will love!

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