Urban Fluff's Deluxe Fluff AIO Cloth Diapers are Back! Review & Give-Away

I often promote pocket diapers as the easiest cloth diapers for moms to use when making the switch from disposable. But in hindsight, I have to say that AIO's (All-in-Ones) are actually the most similar to cloth diapers. Why? Well - there is nothing to stuff. No separate inserts. You only need a doubler if your baby wets A LOT. And I have to say, my kid pees a lot at one time and the AIO Deluxe Fluff from Urban Fluff is up to the challenge. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it is so darn cute and fluffy!

Urban Fluff specializes in two diapers - the One-Size Fluff that has a snap-in soaker. I reviewed that May 15th. And, of course, the AIO Deluxe Fluff! The AIO Deluxe Fluff line is GORGEOUS! I love the bright colors. And the inside is their signature microfiber plush that is SO THICK and SO SOFT. When I first opened the package with the diaper, I was just amazed at the quality and thickness. And after washing, it was still just as thick and very soft on my son's bum!

Using it can't get simpler. When it gets dirty, you just flush any poop and put the diaper in a diaper bin. I wash every two days and the diaper comes out great!

I love how a little bit of fluff rolls out by the legs. The diaper is designed this way to prevent wicking. It also makes the leg area comfortable for the baby. And personally, I love how the white fluff accents the orange, waterproof pul on the outside of the diaper.

That's right - my son has an orange deluxe fluff butt! But you can also get turquoise, red, celery and seaspray. These colors all have a white, fluffy interior. But, if you like color for your microfiber plush, go with a chocolate diaper. You can get all sorts of of color interiors with a chocolate outer, such as pink, lime and baby blue. I love the chocolate pul, which I have with my One-Size Fluff, since it hides stains both inside and out!

Since this AIO is not a one-size dipe, you have to choose the size that best fits your child. Large fits my son best, since he is 27 pounds. I can get a great, custom fit around the waist because of the Velcro-like closure. Here are the measurements for each size:

Small: 8-15lbs (13-15" rise, 11.5"-20" waist, 4"-10" thigh)

Medium: 12-20lbs (14-16" rise, 14"-25" waist, 6-14" thigh)

Large: 18-35lbs (16-18" rise, 14"-26" waist, 7"-14" thigh)

Features At-A-Glance:

  • All-In-One construction - no need for a diaper cover or inserts
  • Waterproof 1 mil PUL
  • Unbelievably soft, plush microfiber fleece interior next to baby's skin
  • Adjustable touchtape hook & loop closures with fold back laundry tabs
  • Elastic at the leg openings and back of diaper for a snug, leak-proof fit
  • Resists pilling
  • Durable, gorgeous, comfortable
My final thoughts? The diaper is simple-simple-simple to use. And soft-gorgeous-comfy for your baby/toddler. It's an awesome AIO and I highly suggest it!

Urban Fluff is giving one Buzz reader a chance to win a Deluxe Fluff AIO.

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